Gotham Font Family

Gotham is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by American type designer Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000. The font was commissioned by GQ magazine and released to the public in 2002 by Hoefler & Co Foundry. The Gotham font family was released with ten fonts and complementary italic styles, encompassing serif and sans-serif letterforms.

Let’s find out more about the font, effectivity of the font, and best font pairing options.

Font Features

The font name comes from New York’s nickname, “Gotham City.” The Gotham font family consists of eight weights with four widths: Regular, Bold, Black, and Extra Black. The font’s design has similar features to earlier serif typeface designs, such as Times New Roman or Bodoni.

Gotham has a rich set of special characters, such as fractions, ligatures, arrows, and symbols. Its large x-height and wide apertures, making it highly legible and readable. The font also offers designs tailored for screen display and a rounded version.

Gotham is a versatile typeface that is highly adaptable to virtually any design. It offers the exciting contrast of thick, rough strokes with thin, delicate ones, giving it an old-fashioned feel suitable for vintage designs.

Effectivity of the Font

One of the many reasons why Gotham font is so effective is its high legibility and readability. With a large x-height and wide apertures, distinguishing letters and words becomes effortless. Its consistent stroke width and squared-off shape lend it a geometric and modern aesthetic.

Gotham’s effectiveness isn’t just in its design but also in its rich history. Frere-Jones was inspired by New York City’s architectural signs, aiming to preserve fragments of the city that might vanish before gaining appreciation. His vision was to craft a fresh, masculine typeface that would cater to contemporary designers.

Gotham Font used in Obama Campaign

One of Gotham’s most notable uses was in Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. The campaign leveraged Gotham to convey messages of “change” and “hope” with a modern, American flair. This consistent use of Gotham established a memorable visual identity for the campaign, influencing political typography in subsequent years.

Originally designed for The New Yorker magazine, it has become one of the most popular fonts among designers with its sleek, modern style that draws on traditional influences. Its widespread acclaim in popular media and its symbolic association with the Big Apple are testaments to its enduring appeal.

Font View


The Gotham Font Generator

If you want to try out the Gotham font without downloading or purchasing it, you can use our Gotham font generator tool below. This tool allows you to preview and customize the font online, adjusting the size, color, background, alignment, and spacing of the text. You can also enter your own text or choose from some sample texts to see how the font looks in different contexts. You can download the generated image as a PNG file


Font Family Includes

As mentioned above the font family includes 66 fonts style.

  1. Gotham Thin
  2. Gotham Thin Italic
  3. Gotham Extra Light
  4. Gotham Extra Light Italic
  5. Gotham Light
  6. Gotham Light Italic
  7. Gotham Book
  8. Gotham Book Italic
  9. Gotham Medium
  10. Gotham Medium Italic
  11. Gotham Bold
  12. Gotham Bold Italic
  13. Gotham Black
  14. Gotham Black Italic
  15. Gotham Ultra
  16. Gotham Ultra Italic
  17. Gotham Narrow Thin
  18. Gotham Narrow Thin Italic
  19. Gotham Narrow Extra Light
  20. Gotham Narrow Extra Light Italic
  21. Gotham Narrow Light
  22. Gotham Narrow Light Italic
  23. Gotham Narrow Book
  24. Gotham Narrow Book Italic
  25. Gotham Narrow Medium
  26. Gotham Narrow Medium Italic
  27. Gotham Narrow Bold
  28. Gotham Narrow Bold Italic
  29. Gotham Narrow Black
  30. Gotham Narrow Black Italic
  31. Gotham Narrow Ultra
  32. Gotham Narrow Ultra Italic
  33. Gotham Extra Narrow Thin
  34. Gotham Extra Narrow Thin Italic
  35. Gotham Extra Narrow Extra Light
  36. Gotham Extra Narrow Extra Light Italic
  37. Gotham Extra Narrow Light
  38. Gotham Extra Narrow Light Italic
  39. Gotham Extra Narrow Book
  40. Gotham Extra Narrow Book Italic
  41. Gotham Extra Narrow Medium
  42. Gotham Extra Narrow Medium Italic
  43. Gotham Extra Narrow Bold
  44. Gotham Extra Narrow Bold Italic
  45. Gotham Extra Narrow Black
  46. Gotham Extra Narrow Black Italic
  47. Gotham Extra Narrow Ultra
  48. Gotham Extra Narrow Ultra Italic
  49. Gotham Condensed Thin
  50. Gotham Condensed Thin Italic
  51. Gotham Condensed Extra Light
  52. Gotham Condensed Extra Light Italic
  53. Gotham Condensed Light
  54. Gotham Condensed Light Italic
  55. Gotham Condensed Book
  56. Gotham Condensed Book Italic
  57. Gotham Condensed Medium
  58. Gotham Condensed Medium Italic
  59. Gotham Condensed Bold
  60. Gotham Condensed Bold Italic
  61. Gotham Condensed Black
  62. Gotham Condensed Black Italic
  63. Gotham Condensed Extra Black
  64. Gotham Condensed Extra Black Italic
  65. Gotham Condensed Ultra
  66. Gotham Condensed Ultra Italic

Gotham Font Pairings

Gotham font is a great typeface to pair with other fonts, as it can create interesting and harmonious combinations in different styles and moods. Here are some suggestions on how to pair Gotham font with other fonts:

  • Gotham and Freight Display: Freight Display is a serif typeface that was designed by Joshua Darden in 2005. It is a display version of the Freight family, which has a large range of styles and weights. Freight Display has a classic and refined quality, with high contrast and elegant curves. It complements the geometric and modern style of Gotham, creating a contrast between sans-serif and serif. You can use Gotham for headlines and Freight Display for body text, or vice versa, to create a sophisticated and editorial look.
  • Gotham and Tungsten: Tungsten is a sans-serif typeface that was designed by Hoefler & Co. in 2009. It is a condensed version of Gotham, with a more compact and dynamic structure. Tungsten has a bold and assertive quality, with sharp corners and tight spacing. It enhances the geometric and modern style of Gotham, creating a harmony between condensed and regular widths. You can use Tungsten for headlines and Gotham for body text, or mix and match different weights and widths to create a hierarchy and rhythm.
  • Gotham and Roboto: Roboto is a sans-serif typeface that was designed by Christian Robertson in 2011. It is the default font for Android devices, as well as Google’s web services. Roboto has a humanist and friendly quality, with open shapes and rounded terminals. It contrasts the geometric and simple style of Gotham, creating a balance between mechanical and organic. You can use Roboto for headlines and Gotham for body text, or use them interchangeably to create a seamless and coherent layout.

If you are looking for fonts similar to Gotham, here are some options you can consider:

  1. Raleway
  2. Montserrat
  3. Open Sans
  4. Proxima Nova
  5. Nexa
  6. Museo Sans
  7. Calibre
  8. Akzidenz Grotesk
  9. Graphik
  10. Avenir


What is the type of this font?

Ans: Gotham is a geometric sans-serif typeface suitable for text and design.

Can I download this font for my PC and Mac?

Ans: Yes, you can download this font for your PC, Mac, and Linux. It’s also undoubtedly safe to download.

Is it OK to use this on an online platform?

Ans: You can use Gotham Font online, but only with the purchased version. We are providing you with the free version for personal use only.

Is this a free font?

Ans: The font has a free version for just demo usage. For commercial use, you need to purchase the font.

Is this a web font?

Ans: Yes, the Gotham font has a web version too, but you require a license for it.

Who designed the Gotham font?

Ans: Tobias Frere-Jones designed the font in 2000.

What font looks like Gotham? 

Ans: The Raleway font looks similar to Gotham Font.

Is there a font similar to Gotham in Google Fonts?

Ans: Raleway and Montserrat are the most similar in Google fonts.

How can I install a font on my devices?

Ans: Installing this font on your device is straightforward. The font can be installed on a PC, MAC, or Linux device. Follow the below links.
How do I install fonts on a Windows PC?
How do I add fonts to a Mac?


Gotham font is a geometric sans-serif typeface with a strong, modern, and elegant character. It is inspired by New York City architectural lettering and has been incorporated into a variety of media, from magazines to logos to campaigns. It is a versatile font that can be used for various design projects, as well as paired with other fonts to create interesting combinations.

If you’re looking for fonts similar to Gotham, consider checking out our collections of Trade Gothic, Tablet Gothic, and Franklin Gothic.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask us.

Thanks a lot!

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