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Franklin Gothic font is a sans-serif typeface originally designed by American Type Founders (ATF). But the credit goes to the company’s head designer Morris Fuller Benton for his wholehearted contribution. The American type designer and his team created 221 typefaces including Alternate Gothic, Franklin Gothic, and News Gothic. Adobe fonts ITC Franklin family has 12 fonts in their vault. Download free Franklin Gothic font for personal use only. Franklin Gothic is Victor Caruso’s 1970s ITC Franklin Gothic font is well-known and partly bundled with Microsoft Windows.

The font has the look for a variety of media. It has popularity in advertisement text and newspaper headlines. Franklin Gothik is similar to European faces ‘Kabel’ and ‘Futura’. In fact, the font style was inspired by Kabel and Futura and re-discovered in the nineteen forties. Franklin Gothic Bold font is quite known for its headings. You can also have the option to Tazugane gothic heavy font free download.


Franklin gothic font family contains all styles from regular to Bold-Italic. The usage of this rich font family covers almost every field.

  • Headings: Franklin Gothic font has the most known face for headings and highlighted texts.
  • Text: The font is regular and sans-serif and very convenient for text and contents.
  • Design: For designing and banner making the font has a common usage all over the world.

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Font Family

  1. ITC Franklin Gothic LT Pro Book Compressed 
  2. ITC Franklin Gothic LT Pro Book Compressed Italic 
  3. ITC Franklin Gothic LT Pro Demi Compressed 
  4. ITC Franklin Gothic LT Pro Demi Compressed Italic 
  5. ITCFranklinGothic LT Pro CnBk 
  6. ITCFranklinGothic LT Pro CnBkIt 
  7. ITCFranklinGothic LT Pro CnMd 
  8. ITCFranklinGothic LT Pro CnMdIt 
  9. ITCFranklinGothic LT Pro CnDm 
  10. ITCFranklinGothic LT Pro CnDmIt 
  11. ITC Franklin Gothic LT Pro Book Extra Compressed 
  12. ITC Franklin Gothic LT Pro Demi Extra Compressed 

License Information

Free Fonts Vault offers you to download this font for personal use only. You need to purchase the commercial one if you are using this font for commercial purposes.


Download Franklin Gothic font free from the Free Fonts Vault. Click the ‘Download Font’ button below and all good.


What type of font is Franklin Gothic?

Ans: Franklin Gothic is a regular sans-serif typeface for text and headings. The font is also popular with designers.

Is Franklin Gothic safe to download and use in My PC and MAC?

Ans: Yes, this font is safe to download and use in your PC and MAC.

Is there any font similar to Franklin Gothic in Google Fonts?

Ans: Franklin Gothic similar font in Google Fonts is Libre Franklin.

Is it ok to use this in an online platform?

Ans: You can use the free version of Franklin Gothic in an online platform but for personal use only.

How to install Franklin Gothic font in Computer?

Ans: Click PC or Mac link to install Franklin Gothic Font or any font on your computer.

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