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The Terminator movie series, which began in 1984, is a science fiction saga about a cyborg assassin sent from the future.

Terminator Fonts

We have found many similar Terminator Movie Fonts and most of them are fan-made.

Terminator Font

terminator font 1

The Terminator font, designed by Allen R. Walden, is a techno, science-fiction themed typeface that captures the essence of the iconic movie franchise’s title logo. 

Terminator Two font

Terminator two font

The Terminator Two font is a typeface that has been designed to resemble the lettering used in the title sequence of the famous movie “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” It is a popular font among fans of the movie and those looking for a futuristic or industrial typeface for their projects.

Terminator Real NFI Font

Terminator Real Nfi Font

Terminator Real NFI is a futuristic, sci-fi style font inspired by the Terminator movie franchise. This font look very similar to the Original Terminator Movie 1984 and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) movie title. It features a bold, chunky and mechanical look with rounded corners, making it suitable for headlines, titles, logos and designs related to movies.



The TSALVACION font by FZ is a font inspired by the 2009 film “Terminator Salvation”. It was designed to capture the gritty, industrial aesthetic of the post-apocalyptic world depicted in the movie.

Terminator Genisys Font

Terminator Genisys Font

The Terminator Genisys font is a custom font created by HackFonts, inspired by the 2015 movie “Terminator Genisys”. The font captures the bold, futuristic style seen in the movie’s logo and typography. It features an expanded semi-bold weight with angular letterforms and distinctive stylized characters like the “T” and “G”.

Schwarzenegger font

Schwarzenegger Font

The Schwarzenegger font is a modern display font created by Neale Davidson of Pixel Sagas. It is inspired by the various logos used in the Terminator movie franchise and is designed to capture the bold, industrial aesthetic associated with the films. The font family includes four styles: Regular, Condensed, Italic, and Condensed Italic.

Terminator Dark Fate font

Terminator Dark Fate Font

The Terminator Dark Fate font is a free font created by NubeFonts and released in 2019. It is inspired by the typography used in the movie “Terminator: Dark Fate” and has a futuristic, industrial look. 

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