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Freight Sans Pro font is a sans-serif typeface that combines simplicity and sophistication. It is part of the Freight Collection, a family of fonts that includes serif, sans, display, and micro versions. Freight Sans Pro was designed by Joshua Darden, a renowned type designer who has worked for clients such as The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and Martha Stewart Living.

It is a humanist sans-serif with a warm and friendly appearance. It has a large x-height and open apertures which makes it an excellent sans for setting body copy. Freight Sans Pro is available in five weights—light, book, medium, bold, and black—each with matching italics and small caps styles.

Effective Use and Font Pairing

Freight Sans Pro is a versatile font that can be used for various purposes, such as headlines, body text, captions, labels, and more. It has a large X-height, generous spacing, and clear shapes that make it easy to read and elegant to look at. Freight Sans Pro also supports many languages, including Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Vietnamese. You can pair this font with others to make your design stand out and get your audience’s attention.

Freight Sans Font Pairing

Some fonts that go well with Freight Sans Pro are:

  • Freight Text: This is the serif companion to Freight Sans Pro font, and it creates a classic and elegant contrast with it. It can be used for body text or captions, while Freight Sans Pro can be used for headlines or display text.
  • Proxima Nova: This is a humanist sans serif font that has a similar style and vibe to Freight Sans Pro. It can be used for web design, body text, or captions, while Freight Sans Pro can be used for logos, headlines, or banners.
  • Canela: This is a display serif font that has a refined and sophisticated feel. It can be used for book covers, titles, or posters, while Freight Sans Pro can be used for subtitles, labels, or quotes.
  • Cubano: This is a rounded sans-serif font that has a friendly and playful character. It can be used for children’s books, invitations, or stickers, while Freight Sans Pro can be used for titles, headings, or logos.
  • FF Tisa: This is a slab serif font that has a warm and contemporary look. It can be used for magazines, articles, or blogs, while Freight Sans Pro can be used for headlines, subheadings, or menus.

Freight Sans Pro Font Generator

Similar Fonts For Your Design

If you’re in love with the Freight Sans Pro font, here are some similar fonts that might catch your eye:

  1. Futura
  2. Proxima Nova
  3. Gill Sans
  4. Helvetica
  5. Anton
  6. Dela Gothic One

Font View

Freight Sans Font Characters
Freight Sans Font Symbols


Freight Sans Pro font is a beautiful sans-serif font that can make your design stand out. It has a simple and sophisticated feel that can evoke positive emotions. You can use it for various projects that need a clean and classy touch.

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