Tallica Font

Tallica is a font that has been crafted with a Modern Gothic style, which gives it a distinctive display quality suitable for various design purposes. This font is characterized by its stylish appearance that can enhance the visual appeal of any project it is used in. This font has a look that similar to the Metallica font but with obvious difference.


The Tallica font is versatile and can be effectively used in a wide range of design projects. It is particularly perfect for creating titles and text for movies, cartoons, applications, brands, games, and even for designing prints on t-shirts. Its unique Gothic flair makes it a go-to choice for projects that require a touch of elegance and boldness.

Tallica Font Characteristics

Tallica Font Characters
Tallica Font Usage

The font boasts an impressive collection of 96 meticulously designed glyphs and 95 characters 3. Each glyph and character has been crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that the font maintains a high level of design consistency and quality.

Licensing and Access

Purchasers of the Tallica font are granted a lifetime license that allows for both personal and commercial use. This means that once you acquire the font, you can use it for any number of projects without worrying about additional licensing fees.

In summary, the Tallica font by Abuhasnat is a Modern Gothic-inspired stylish font that is perfect for a variety of design applications. It comes with a comprehensive set of glyphs and characters, and the lifetime license offers great value for both personal and commercial use.

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