Consolas Font Download Free

Consolas Font Download Free

About Consolas Font

Consolas is a monospaced font designed by Luc(as), de Groot. It is part of the ClearType Font Collection. This collection includes fonts that use Microsoft’s ClearType font rendering technology. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, and Windows Vista. It is the only Windows Vista font that has a slash between the zero characters. It is the default font used by Microsoft Notepad since Windows 8.

Consolas supports these OpenType layout features: stylistic alternatives, localized forms, and uppercase-sensitive forms. Old-style figures, Lining figures, Arbitrary fractions, Superscript, Subscript.

Consolas was originally designed to replace Courier New. However, Consolas only had 713 glyphs, compared with Courier New (2.90), which had 1318. Version 5.22, which is included with Windows 7, added support for Greek Extended, Combining Diacritical Marks For Glyphs, Number Forms, and Arrows, as well as Geometric Shapes. Version 5.32 had 2735 glyphs. Version 7.00, which is part of Windows 10 1909[2]), has 3030 glyphs.


The font is ideal to be used in the book’s headings. It is also suitable for web series of any kind. Branding, logos, invitations stationery, wedding themes corporate cards, logos T-shirts, covers, postings on social networks, and much more could all benefit from the font. It can also be used to create gorgeous images and text in a variety of styles and colors.

Font information

Name Consolas Font.
Style monospaced
Designer  Luc(as) de Groot.
File Format OTF, TTF
Font Licence Free for Personal Use.
Type Freeware Version

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