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Raleway is a font family designed and published by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida in 2012. The sans-serif style family has nine different styles: thin, light, extra light, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, extra-bold, and black, with italics for all of them. It has 405 character support to cover over 100 languages, which means that the letter is free of any decoration. Raleway takes inspiration from classic European serif typefaces like News Gothic, Futura, and Univers. However, it is not simply a copy of these historic fonts; the letter shapes are much more organic than their geometric counterparts.

Raleway uses OpenType ligatures, giving it a more uniform look. This typeface is intended to be used as a display face. Raleway is a complete package of unique fonts that includes old-style and lining numerals and standard and discretionary ligatures. Raleway Dots is a sister family of this font family. The Raleway font is similar to Proxima Nova and Avenir.

The font was thoroughly updated in February 2016. The F bar was raised, using proper spacing and kerning, adding the italic version, adding family naming metadata, and hinting with an automated hinting process.

It is a versatile and professional font that you can use for both personal and professional purposes. With its sleek, modern design, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

You can download it for free. I hope you will gain some benefit from it. Let me know what you think about it in the comments section below.


It was designed to be simple and elegant, yet powerful and versatile. You can apply the Raleway font to all applications, such as website design, logos, brochures, advertising, and more. YouTubers can also use this font. You can use this font to create thumbnail channel art, etc.

It’s being used on major websites such as Adobe, CNN, Facebook, and Microsoft Live. When used effectively, this typeface can create an atmosphere that feels reserved or formal.

Raleway is ideal for any website or document that needs a professional look. It is versatile and easy to use, suitable for any paper or project. You can use it for any type of content, from brochures and marketing materials to commercials and product descriptions.

You can use it for logos, typefaces, and posters. If you’re looking for a beautiful typeface that will add personality and beauty to your projects, look no further than Raleway!

So you can say that this font is suitable for use in all cases. To download this font for free, scroll down to the download section below and enjoy this font.

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License Information

This is totally a free font. No license is required. You can use this font for your projects and many more.


With your word in mind, we are providing all styles of this font. Please hit the download font button below to free download the Raleway font family.

Font Family

  • Raleway Thin
  • Raleway ExtraLight
  • Raleway Light
  • Raleway Regular
  • Raleway Medium
  • Raleway SemiBold
  • Raleway Bold
  • Raleway ExtraBold
  • Raleway Heavy

Font FAQs

What type of font is Raleway?

Ans: Raleway is a Sans-serif typeface designed by Matt McInerney.

Is Raleway Font safe to download and use in My PC and MAC?

Ans: Yes, It is 100% safe to download for both PC and MAC.

Is there any font similar to Raleway in Google Fonts?

Ans: No, Raleway itself is a Google font.

Is it OK to use this on an online platform?

Ans: Yes, you can use the Raleway font on the online platform.

How to install Raleway font in Computer?

Ans: Check PC or Mac instructions link to install Raleway Font on your computer.

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