Street Fighter Fonts

The Street Fighter logo has undergone various typographic transformations over the years.

Street fighter game logos

As a result, there isn’t a single “Street Fighter font.” However, I can help you find fonts that capture different aspects of the franchise:

Classic Street Fighter (1987-1999): Similar or Replica Fonts

Brutal Font Pro:

By Brutal Font Pro Font

This free font closely resembles the bold, blocky style used in early Street Fighter logos and menus.

Horsemen by The Branded Quotes:

Horsemen font similar to Street Fighter font

This bold, blocky font with sharp angles emulates the classic arcade style of early Street Fighter titles. It’s great for recreating logos or text with that raw, powerful feel.

Brush King by Subectype & Orenari:

Brush King font

This freehand brush font captures the playful energy of the classic era with its thick strokes and bouncy rhythm. However, note its personal-use license!

Under Station by Khurasan:

Under Station font by Khurasan

This sharp, geometric font with slightly rounded edges echoes the modern minimalism of Street Fighter IV and V. It’s versatile and works well for titles, menus, and other UI elements.

Wild Wolf by HansCo:

Wild Wolf Font

This bold, angular font with pointed serifs adds a touch of aggression to the Street Fighter aesthetic. It’s perfect for headlines and impactful statements.

Street Fighter IV and V (2008-present): Similar or Replica Fonts

Cru Jones by BLKBK Fonts:

Cru Jones Font

While not an exact Street Fighter replica, this bold, condensed sans-serif font has a playful energy that aligns with the fighting game franchise’s vibe.

Martyric by Mans Greback:

Martyric font

This angular, geometric font with minimal serifs adds a sleek, modern edge similar to newer Street Fighter styles.

Modern Street Fighter 6 Logo Font:

City Brawlers font:

City Brawlers font

This modern, bold sans-serif font with geometric shapes perfectly matches the current Street Fighter logo style. It’s clean, impactful, and easily recognizable.

Street Fighter Fonts Generator

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