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About The Font

Helvetica is a sans-serif typeface and one of the most popular typefaces in the world. It was designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffman. Originally called Neue Haas Grotesk, it was renamed Helvetica in 1960. The Haas Type Foundry in Switzerland commissioned the font. The name Helvetica comes from the Latin word for Switzerland, Helvetia.

If you see its characteristics, you will find that it is easier to read at a distance due to its tall x-height and tight spacing between letters. Typefaces in the Grotesque and Neo-Grotesque styles have an oblique style instead of an italic style. It has wide capitals of uniform width, particularly obvious in the wide “E” and “F.” It also has a square-looking “s,” a bracketed top flag of “1”, a rounded off square tail of “R,” a hollow curved stem of “7,” etc.

The Helvetica font was a radically transformed version of the original. For instance, the matrices for Regular and Bold had to be of equal widths, and therefore the Bold was redrawn at a considerably narrower proportion. During the transition from metal to phototypesetting, Helvetica underwent additional modifications. Later, in the 1980s, Neue Helvetica was made into a more organized, standardized version that was easy to read.

The Helvetica font is regularly updated and released with different weights, widths, and sizes. Along with it, they have also released many popular non-Latin fonts.

Eventually, this font became the top trending design, and it still is. Many of the latest fonts are inspired by or follow the Helvetica font.

Short History

The idea for the typeface was originally conceived as a modernizing redesign of Akzidenz-Grotesk, which was popular at the time. However, the font was inspired by the Neue Haas Grotesk font, designed in 1957-1958 by Max Miedinger in Switzerland. After completing proper revisions, the font was released under the re-issuing foundry of the Mergenthaler Linotype Company. The Neue Haas Grotesk was the answer to the British and German grotesques that had become hugely popular thanks to the success of functionalist Swiss typography. Source: Wikipedia


Helvetica is a favorite sans-serif font due to its being widely used. It is also called the world’s most widely supported typeface. The font is used by organizations like Google, Yahoo, Adobe, and many large companies. Its use is vast and widespread, and its reasons for being so famous are two-fold.

Helvetica is also an excellent font for Resistance Symbolism as it provides a more contrasty look for cards with an “X” on them. It is also used for many different text types, including text in languages such as French, Spanish, and German. There are many fonts in use today, but you really can not beat the timeless design of the Helvetica font.

This font is frequently used in logo designs and web design projects. The font has become so popular because it is simple to read due to its consistent x-height and wide spacing between letters, which combine to give it a dense, solid appearance. This font makes it convenient for easy reading of any document. It is sometimes called “the finest typeface ever.”

The most suitable use cases for this font are:

  • Brand Logo Design
  • Art magazines, posters, and greeting cards
  • Social media ads, banners, and graphics.
  • Books
  • Email marketing templates.
  • PowerPoint presentations,
  • Newspapers and newsletters.
  • Banner and brochure.

There are also some debates over the use of the Helvetica font. Many designers and typographers argue that Helvetica is negative typography because it lacks uniqueness and subtlety. On the other hand, some designers insist that Helvetica is a welcome change from serif fonts because it enhances readability. This font makes up for any lack of style or design in the typeface. You can try using Helvetica for your fonts today and see how it looks on real-world documents.

Font information

NameHelvetica Font
DesignerMax Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann
FormatOTF and TTF
LicenseFreeware and Commercial
TypeBasic, Regular

Helvetica Font View

Before downloading the font, you can look at its appearance and how it will appear when you apply it to your design projects.

Helvetica Font Alternative

There are many popular free alternative versions of these fonts available. Check out the below list:

  • Helvetica Regular Use Free Sans Regular – Download
  • Helvetica Ultra Light Use Nimbus Sans Ultralight – Download
  • Helvetica Thin Use Pragmatica Extra Light – Download
  • Helvetica Light Use Nimbus Sans Light – Download
  • Helvetica Bold Use Free Sans Bold – Download
  • Helvetica Black Use Nimbus Sans Becker – Download
  • Helvetica Italic Use Work Sans Thin Italic – Download

Similar Fonts

You can find many fonts that are very close or similar to The Helvetica Font. Some notable fonts are:


You can download the font from the owner’s website in zip format with all the licenses you needed. After downloading, you need to unzip the file for using the font on your PC or Mac.


Font Includes

Helvetica full font family has 43 Styles.

  • Helvetica Neue Regular
  • Helvetica Neue 66 Medium Italic
  • Helvetica Neue Black
  • Helvetica Neue Black font
  • Helvetica 25 UltraLight Regular
  • Helvetica 25 UltraLight Regular font
  • Helvetica 35 Thin Regular
  • Helvetica 35 Thin Regular font
  • Helvetica 45 Light Regular
  • Helvetica 45 Light Regular font
  • Helvetica 55 Roman Regular
  • Helvetica 55 Roman Regular font
  • Helvetica 65 Medium Regular
  • Helvetica 65 Medium Regular font
  • Helvetica 25 UltraLight Italic
  • Helvetica 25 UltraLight Italic font
  • Helvetica 35 Thin Italic
  • Helvetica 35 Thin Italic font
  • Helvetica 45 Light Italic
  • Helvetica 45 Light Italic font
  • Helvetica 55 Roman Italic
  • Helvetica 55 Roman Italic font
  • Helvetica 65 Medium Bold
  • Helvetica 65 Medium Bold font
  • Helvetica 65 Medium Bold Italic

Helvetical Font Paring

It goes well with the below fonts:

Supported Languages

This font supports 102 different languages such as Urdu, Arabic, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Persian, German, French, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Kurdish (Latin), Kurdish (Latin), Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Serbian (Latin), Czech, Serbian (Cyrillic), Kazakh (Latin), Bulgarian, Hebrew, Swedish, Belarusian (Cyrillic), Belarusian (Latin), Croatian, Slovak, Finnish, Danish, Lithuanian, etc. (Please note that not all languages are available for all formats.)

License Information

There is no option right now to use the Font free. The company linotype made the font fully commercial. So, you need to buy the font from the owner. The font has 6 types of licenses available:



What is the type of this font?

Ans: The Helvetica font is a neo-grotesque sans-serif type font. 

Is Helvetica Bold is a font?

Ans: Yes, it has the bold fonts style in his font family.

Is this font is safe to download for My PC and MAC?

Ans: Yes, you can download this font from the proper owner or click the download link, and it’s very safe to download for your supported devices like PC and MAC.

Where will this font be the best place to use?

Ans: The best use-case of this font is for your brand logo design or website content.

Is it OK to use this on an online platform?

Ans: Yes, it is OK to use the font online if you have the proper license. You need to buy a commercial license for commercial website use.

Can I Use This Font on My Projects?

Ans: Yes! You can use this font on your projects with a proper license.

Is This a Free Font?

Ans: No, this is not a free font. You need to buy the font for use on your projects.

Closest Font to Helvetica?

Ans: The Inter font is very close or similar to this font.

How can I install a font on my devices?

Ans: We’re here to assist you in installing a font on your device. Enjoy the font on your computer by clicking on the links below.

  1. How Do You Install Custom Fonts on a Windows PC?
  2. How Do You Install Custom Fonts on Your Mac?

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