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Bring out your bold and sassy design with our Bratz Font! Bratz Font is a custom font created for the popular Bratz dolls. Bratz dolls are a fashion phenomenon since 2001. They are known for their big eyes, big lips, and big attitude.

The Bratz logo is also a custom design, created by Carter Bryant specifically for the Bratz dolls. While it’s not a font you can easily find or download online, we’ve discovered several fonts that share similar characteristics.

Fonts Similar to the Bratz Font

The closest font that resembles the Bratz doll font is Funkhouse. It closely resembles the logo font in terms of its overall look. We’ve also found several other free alternatives you can use to create the logo, including Kennan & Kel and House of Fun. Let’s explore these fonts in more detail.


Bratz logo vs Funkhouse font similarity example

Funkhouse font is a retro-inspired design with a groovy and colorful feel. It is a display font created by Typodermic Fonts in 2012. It has curves and angles that mimic the Bratz logo. The font is free for personal use.

Kennan & Kel

Bratz logo vs Kennan & kel font similarity example

Kennan & Kel font is named after the popular Nickelodeon show from the 90s, starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. It is a casual sans-serif font created by Peter Bilak in 2000. The font has a fun and funky vibe that matches the Bratz personality. It also has swirls and features that resemble the Bratz logo. The font is free for personal use.

House of Fun

Bratz logo vs house of fun font similarity example

House of Fun is another font that looks very similar to the Bratz logo. While some mistakenly identify it as the official Bratz font, it is actually a separate creation. It is a slab serif font created by Font Diner in 2013. It is bold and retro. It is an excellent choice for projects that want to evoke nostalgia or vintage style. The font is free for personal and commercial use.

Other Fonts to Explore

If you like the Bratz style and want to explore more fonts that are similar or complementary to it, here are some fonts that you may want to check out: Barbie, SimpsonsBluey, and My Little Pony font.


Does it work on PCs and Macs?

Ans: The font can be downloaded for both Macs and PCs.

What is the right way to use it?

Ans: Bratz Fonts can be used for creative design.

What is the web compatibility of this font?

Ans: You may use this font as a web font too.


Bratz dolls are more than just toys. They are fashion statements. And the Bratz logo reflects that style and their unique personality. This is why people are attracted to Bratz fonts. Whether you’re a designer, a brand strategist, or just someone who appreciates good typography, the Bratz font and its similar counterparts offer a world of possibilities.

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