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Bratz Font

The Bratz font name comes from the logo of a famous American company and its doll brand called Bratz. After researching the Bratz logo font, it seems that there are two fonts that are very similar to it.

  1. House of Fun font 
  2. Funkhouse font

Below, we will give you as many details as possible about these fonts.

House of Fun font

The Bratz logo looks similar to a fancy comic-style font called the House of Fun font, which Leigh Taylor designed in 1999 for Flava Fonts (trademarked). The font has 80 glyphs with 1000 units per em. It only has a bold font family with no monospaced pitch. It is a freeware font that you can use both personally and commercially. But we recommend getting permission before using the font commercially. Below we have the download section. From there, you can download the font freely.

Funkhouse font

Another one is also a comic-style font, similar to the Bratz logo font. It is called the Funkhouse font by House Industries‐Brand Design Co. It was first published on December 26, 1996. This font has a glyph count of 251 with 1000 units per em. It only has a semi-bold font family. This font is licensed as a freeware font, so you can use it for any personal use that you like. The original Bratz toy line may have used this font.

About Bratz

The Bratz dolls were designed by the American toy company MGA Entertainment in 2001. Bratz was one of the top-selling toy lines of 2007, with $1 billion in sales. “Bratz is an abbreviation for “Barbies R Us.” “Bratz” is also a shortened version of the word “bratwurst,” which is a type of German sausage. The original name for Bratz was “Dizzy Izzy,” but they changed it to “Bratz” because it sounded more modern and less like a food name. The word “brat” means “spoiled child” in German, while “wurst” means sausage.

The original four dolls were Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, and Sasha. In 2005, the first Bratz boy doll, called Austin Moon, was added to the line of dolls. There are now over 40 different characters in the Bratz collection that have been introduced since their introduction in 2001. The brand has also expanded into clothing and accessories and music and magazines.


The Bratz font is perfect for anyone who loves the Bratz dolls or wants to add a pop of color to their text. It is also perfect for all your creative projects, whether you’re designing a birthday card or creating a new logo.

Font information

NameHouse of FunFunkhouse
DesignerFlava Fonts (trademarked)House Industries‐Brand Design Co.
File FormatOTF and TTFOTF and TTF
Font LicenceFree for personal and commercial use.Free for personal and commercial use.

License Information

Both fonts are free to download and can be used for personal or commercial purposes. These fonts are available in TrueType format and can be installed on Windows or Mac computers.


Does it work on PCs and Macs?

Ans: The font can be downloaded for both Macs and PCs.

What is the right way to use it?

Ans: Bratz Fonts can be used for creative design.

Can I use this on an online platform?

Ans: The Bratz Fonts can be used on any online platform.

Can I download and use this font for free?

Ans: Bratz Fonts are free to download.

What is the web compatibility of this font?

Ans: You may use this font as a web font too.

How can I install the font on my device the easiest way?

Note: Are you experiencing problems installing the font on your PC or Mac? Don’t worry. Follow the instructions below.
How to Install Custom Fonts on Your Windows PC
How to Install Custom Fonts on Your Mac
Additionally, you can learn more about typography and its classification.
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