Zelda Font

Zelda Font is a collection of fonts inspired by the Legend of Zelda video game series.

Zelda Fonts

The most popular Zelda fonts include Hylia Serif, The Wild Breath of Zelda, Triforce, and BOTW Sheikah.

Hylia Serif is a modern replacement for the older Triforce typeface and is derived from the text used in Breath of the Wild.

Hylia Serif Beta Regular Font Characters

The Wild Breath of Zelda is a free font that closely resembles the logo used in the Zelda video game.

The Wild Breath of Zelda Font Characters

Triforce is a replica font of the Legend of Zelda logo.

Triforce Font Characters

BOTW Sheikah is based on English and appears in Breath of the Wild. It is notable for its use of special characters that are not used in the game.

BotW Sheikah Font Characters

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