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Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. It is a place where people can share their photos and videos, express their creativity and personality, and connect with others. But did you know that Instagram also has a variety of fonts that you can use to spice up your content? In this article, we will explore the different fonts on Instagram, how to use them, and where to find them.

What Font Is Used for Instagram’s Logo?

Instagram logo font vs Billabong font similarity example

Instagram initially used the Billabong font for its logo. It is a script typeface with a handwritten style and a retro feel. It was designed by Russell Bean and published by Type Associates in 1996.

Instagram logo font vs Historise Regular font similarity example

But we also found another font that resembles the Instagram logo. It is called Historise Regular Font. It is a hand-lettered typeface with a vintage feel designed by Mercurial and published by Fontesk in 2021. This font is a script font with a unique, bold look and many ligatures and alternates. It is a paid font. So you need to purchase a license before using it.

What Font Does Instagram Use?

Instagram Sans is the official typeface of Instagram, introduced in 2018 as part of the brand refresh. It is a contemporary remix of grotesque and geometric styles, designed with accessibility and global scripts at the core. This font can express a range of styles in any language, from elegant to playful, casual to formal. It is used for the Instagram website and some features in the app, such as IGTV and Reels. It is also used for Instagram bio.

Fonts Used in Instagram Stories

Multiple Fonts option For Instagram Text Story

San Francisco and Roboto

San Francisco and Roboto are the system fonts for iOS and Android devices, respectively. They are also the default fonts for Instagram Stories. They are simple and versatile fonts that can suit any content. You can also change these fonts’ color, size, alignment, and background in Instagram Stories.


Aveny-T Font Used Instragram Stories Options

The Aveny Theatre in Copenhagen commissioned the design of Aveny-T, a typeface.It is a geometric sans serif font with a modern and elegant feel. This font one of the options that you can choose for your text in Instagram Stories under the “Modern” style. It is ideal for creating a sleek and sophisticated look for your stories.


Neon signs and nightlife inspired the design of the Cosmopolitan typeface. It is a script font that has a glowing and vibrant effect. IThis font is one of the options that you can choose for your text in Instagram Stories under the “Neon” style. It is perfect for adding some fun and flair to your stories.

Courier Bold

Courier Bold is a typeface that mimics the appearance of typewritten text. It is a monospaced font that has a retro and nostalgic feel. This font is one of the options that you can choose for your reader in Instagram Stories under the “Typewriter” style. It is excellent for creating a vintage and authentic look for your stories.

Freight Sans: The App Font

Freight Sans is a typeface that Joshua Darden designed. It is a humanist sans serif font with a friendly and approachable feel. The font used for the Instagram app interface, such as icons, buttons, menus, and captions. It is also used for some features in the app, such as Live and Boomerang.

Instagram Font Generator


Instagram is a platform that allows you to express yourself in many ways, including through fonts. Using different fonts on Instagram will enable you to create more engaging and attractive content for your audience. You can also convey different moods, tones, and personalities with your fonts. Whether you want to be elegant, playful, retro, or anything in between, there is a font for you on Instagram. So go ahead and experiment with different fonts on Instagram and see how they can make your content stand out.

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