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The Pokemon font, known for its bold, blocky style, has evolved with the franchise since its 1996 debut in Japan. Initially featuring simple, pixelated fonts, it transformed into modern, sleek designs over time, reflecting the series’ growth and technological advancements.

So, what font is in Pokemon logos?

The font used in the Pokémon logo closely resembles the Pokemon Solid font and Pokemon font by FontGet. These custom fonts are designed to mimic the style of the Pokémon logo. Additionally, there is an outlined version of the Pokemon Solid font, known as “Pokemon Hollow,” designed by FontMonger and published in 2007.

Other fonts like “Pocket Monk” and “Ketchum” are also inspired by the Pokémon theme and share a similar appearance but are not the exact fonts used in the official logo. The original Pokémon logo, particularly in international versions, features a unique, custom-designed typeface not available as a standard font.

As a result, “Pokemon Solid” and “Pokemon by FontGet” are popular alternatives for fan creations and similar projects.

Pokemon Hollow Character map
Pokemon Solid Symbols
Pokemon Solid Character map

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