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Taylor Swift’s “Lover” is the seventh studio album released by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The album was released on August 23, 2019. It features 18 songs, including popular tracks like “Cruel Summer,” “Lover,” and “The Man.”

The album artwork and logo for Taylor Swift’s “Lover” album featured a distinct and visually appealing aesthetic. The album cover showcases Taylor Swift against a pastel-colored background, surrounded by floating clouds.

Taylor Swift Lovers Album Cover Title

Let’s find out what font is used on the album cover.

The font used in the Taylor Swift “Lover” album is custom-made for the album. We found several fonts that are similar to the word “Lover” used on the album. Please note that you can try these fonts by using our font generator.

Satisfy Font

It’s a brush font designed by Sideshow that is also listed on Google Fonts. The font has a similar look to the Lover album. But it’s not exactly the same. Check out the difference in the below image.

Taylor Swift Lovers album logo vs Satisfy font similarity example

Mirabella Regular Font

Designed by Larin Type Co, Mirabella Regular has a similar look to the Lover font. Check out the below comparison image.

Taylor Swift Lovers album logo vs Mirabella Font similarity example

Heanffe Bold Font

It appears that the “Heanffe Bold” font by Letterara has a similar look to the font used on Taylor Swift’s “Lover” album. Check out the comparison image and decide for yourself.

Taylor Swift Lovers album logo vs Heanffe Font similarity example

Kallinsha Font

Kallinsha font designed by Sibelumpagi is another similar-looking script font. Take a look at the image below to see for yourself.

Taylor Swift Lovers album logo vs Kallinsha Font similarity example

It’s worth mentioning that Taylor Swift’s different albums may have used different fonts. The “Lover” album featured a custom font created for its design. If you are interested in other Taylor Swift albums’ fonts here is the list: Speak Now, Fearless, Midnights, Red font, Folklore fontReputation FontLover FontTaylor Swift Font, Rage Italic, and etc.

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