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Poppins is a sans-serif typeface designed by Google font designer Jonny Pinhorn (in Latin) and Indian Type Foundry designer Ninad Kale (in Devanagari). It was released in 2020 and is available in five weights: thin, light, regular, medium, and bold. It also includes a variety of ligatures and special characters. It is a geometric font with rounded corners and a geometric structure that makes it highly legible. It is also versatile enough to be used for both display and body text. 

It has a total of 1059 glyphs and a character count of 469. It supports both Devanagari and Latin writing systems. The Devanagari writing system is used to write many languages in India, including Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, and Sanskrit. The languages that the Latin writing system supports include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese. Poppins is available under the SIL Open Font License, which allows for commercial and non-commercial use. To use Poppins, you will need to download the font files from our website and install them on your computer.

You can also contribute to this project by suggesting changes on Github. https://github.com/itfoundry/poppins

Poppins is an excellent choice for branding materials, logos, websites, and other digital projects. It has a modern look that can be used to create a unique visual identity.

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Font Information

Font Family NamePoppins
ClassificationSans serif
Units Per Em1000
Version String4.004
Release Date2020
CopyrightCopyright 2020 The Poppins Project Authors
License AgreementThis Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is available with a FAQ at: https://scripts.sil.org/OFL
License URLhttps://scripts.sil.org/OFL
PublisherGoogle Fonts and Indian Type Foundry
LicenseOpen Font License
DesginerNinad Kale (Devanagari), Jonny Pinhorn (Latin)
Sample Textसभी मनुष्यों को गौरव और अधिकारों के मामले में जन्मजात स्वतन्त्रता और समानता प्राप्त है।
Character RangesBasic Latin, Latin 1 (English), Latin Extended – A, Devanagari and more
Source: FontCreator

Font Family Includes

  • Poppins Light
  • Poppins Light Italic
  • Poppins Regular
  • Poppins Regular Italic
  • Poppins Medium
  • Poppins Medium Italic
  • Poppins SemiBold
  • Poppins SemiBold Italic
  • Poppins Bold
  • Poppins Bold Italic
  • Poppins ExtraBold
  • Poppins ExtraBold Italic
  • Poppins Black
  • Poppins Black Italic

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Poppins Font Family

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