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The Yeezy font comes from the sneaker and clothing brand Yeezy. The Yeezy logo font is similar to the T-Star Heavy Font, although it may have been modified or customized specifically for the brand. This customization adds a distinct touch to the logo and helps establish Yeezy’s visual identity. Check out the Yeezy logo vs T-Star Heavy Font comparison image below. Try the font on our generator.

Yeezy logo vs TStar Heavy Font

The T-Star Heavy Font gives the Yeezy logo a bold and impactful appearance. It is a sans-serif typeface with thick, blocky letterforms. In 2022, Mika Mischler created the font. You can download the font from our website and use it for personal purposes. For commercial use, please contact the owner.

TStar Heavy Font Character and Glyphs
T-Star Heavy Font Character and Glyphs

As for the font used on Yeezy shoes and parts of the Yeezy Supply website, it is similar to the VCR OSD Mono font created by Riciery Leal. This bitmap font adds a unique touch to the Yeezy brand’s visual identity. Take a look at the comparison image below. Also try this on our font generator.

YEEZY SUPPLY website font vs VCR OSD MONO font
YEEZY SUPPLY website font vs VCR OSD MONO font

It’s significant to note that adidas terminated its partnership with Ye, including the production of Yeezy products, and shut down the Yeezy Supply website ( in response to Kanye West’s recent anti-Semitic remarks.

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About the Yeezy Brand

As many of you know, Yeezy is a brand of sneakers and clothing created by American rapper and fashion designer Kanye West. Yeezy has partnered with Adidas to produce and release its products since its launch in 2015. The Yeezy sneaker released under Adidas created a global sensation and established Yeezy and Adidas as powerful partners. Yeezy sneakers are highly sought-after and often sell out quickly upon release.

YEEZY 2015 Banners from Adidas

Yeezy Supply is the official e-commerce platform for the Yeezy brand. It is where customers can purchase Yeezy products directly from the brand.


In conclusion, the Yeezy font plays a significant role in defining the visual identity of the Yeezy brand, renowned for its sneakers and clothing designed by Kanye West. The Yeezy logo font bears resemblance to the T-Star Heavy Font, while the font used on Yeezy shoes and parts of the Yeezy Supply website is similar to the VCR OSD Mono font. However, the future of the Yeezy brand is uncertain due to recent controversies surrounding Kanye West. Adidas has decided to sever ties with him and shut down the Yeezy Supply website in response to his controversial statements. Consequently, the Yeezy font may soon become a symbol of a once-popular brand that has fallen from its previous stature.

Note: In the official Yeezy Supply Instagram post, they announce that they are still open and doing business separately.

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