Sumario Font

Are you a fan of Cartoon Fonts? Then Sumario font could be your first choice. It is a decorative font with a Gothic and stylish flair, exuding a cartoon-like quality that makes it stand out. It is designed by Abu Hasnat in 2024. This font looks similar to SUPER MARIO movie and games font.

Sumario Font Design and Aesthetics

Sumario Fonts style
Sumario Fonts characters
Sumario Font Styling

The Sumario font is specifically tailored for use in various entertainment and design contexts. It is an excellent fit for movie titles, cartoon names, video game titles, mobile apps, and even for creating unique designs on T-shirts. The font is already used in some mobile apps.

The font features 96 meticulously crafted glyphs and 95 characters, showcasing the attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship that went into its creation.

Versatility and Usage

Sumario is an ideal choice for designers looking for a font that combines style with creativity. Its dynamic nature allows it to be used in a wide range of design applications, making it a versatile asset for any design project .

Licensing and Access

Purchasing Sumario font comes with a lifetime license for both personal and commercial use, ensuring that designers can use the font in various projects without worrying about licensing restrictions. The price is very low only $3.


Sumario font by Abu Hasnat is a unique and playful font that can add a touch of whimsy and creativity to various design projects. With its Gothic-inspired style and cartoon quality, it is well-suited for entertainment-related designs. The font’s availability on Creative Fabrica, coupled with the benefits of a lifetime commercial license and access to a vast font library, makes it an attractive choice for designers looking to expand their typographic options.

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