Baby Shark Font

You might have watched the Baby Shark video song while surfing YouTube. Have you heard about the Baby Shark font? If not, you will get to know about this fancy typeface from this article. Here we will talk about the font characteristics, history, applications, and other details. So, don’t skip and read till the end.

What is Baby Shark Font?

Baby Shark font is a stylish and colorful font based on the Baby Shark musical cartoon logo lettering and background. Through our research, we discovered 2 fonts that resemble the logo font.

First there is the Kurri Island Personal Black font developed by Mans Greback in 2020 that looks similar to Baby Shark Font. Although the letter ‘A’ looks like a shark fin, it is not in the character set. According to our observations, this font is very similar to Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark” logo. Check the image for comparison.

Baby Shark Logo vs kurri island Ita font

The second font is the Shark Party font created by Spoonflower, which is not as similar, yet most other font sites describe it as comparable. As a result, we also count this font as similar. But in reality it’s a very different font which fits some of the shows’ inside lettering. However, it is not the same as the logo lettering. Check the image below for comparison.

Baby Shark Logo vs Shark Party font

Baby Shark Font Generator

Typical Uses for This Font

Baby Shark font is a font tailored for kids, so it will be the best font for designing kids’ products. You can use this font for designing kids’ bags, water bottles, mugs, notebooks, t-shirts, and other children-related accessories.

Other than these, you can use this colorful font in vast design projects, like product packaging, posters, website, brochures, stationery, logos, book covers, computer games, fabric printing, etc.

If there is any other fancy design project in your hand, be it for kids or adults, use this amazing font to add a variety.

About Baby Shark Song

Originally, Baby Shark is the name of an old children’s song from the 1900s. US Kids used to sing it in their school playgrounds and summer camp. It depicts how a terrified swimmer was eaten by sharks.

The 1900s version was so popular that it was recreated in many versions and languages. However, Pinkfong’s (South Korean education company) adaptation of the Baby Shark tune became a history.

They released a video song named Baby Shark dance in 2016. Soon, it became viral on various platforms. In 2021, the Baby Shark dance had ranked in YouTube’s top 40 most viewed videos with over 8 billion views.

To Sum Up

Though the Baby Shark font is a comic font, it does not mean that it won’t match with other creative designs except for kids’. This font can add a touch of elegance in your design. And the cute little colorful images can make your design light and funny. Just make sure that while using this font, don’t scale it too big or too short.

In addition, we have other comic type fonts like High on Life, Superman, Lilo and Stitch, Jeopardy, and Cocomelon Font that you can use for your project.

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