Galano Classic Font

Galano Classic Font is a structured geometric sans typeface that pays homage to the geometric shapes of iconic fonts like Futura, Avant Garde, and Avenir. Designed by Rene Bieder, this font family boasts both normal and condensed proportions, making it versatile for various design applications. But, rather than the modern interpretation that this family has of the geometric style, Galano Classic prefers to keep the past in mind.

The Font consists of 10 different weights with matching italics, containing 555 glyphs per font. It also has a great kerning and spacing quality, ensuring a smooth and balanced text flow. There is an alternative version of the font with a slightly different design for some characters, such as the lowercase “g”, “a” and “y”. The alternative version gives more options and flexibility to the users who want to create a unique and distinctive look.

Galano Classic and Alt version

Galano Classic, compared to Galano Grotesque, includes lots of glyphs redesigned and, as a result, altered kerning pairings, an expanded selection of ligatures, alternative characters, and other opentype features to work with a variety of design software.

Galano Classic vs Galano Grotesque

Even though Galano Classic was planned to be the display version of Galano Grotesque, it feels fantastic in small sizes as well as in lengthy text passages too.


Galano Classic font is elegant for both designs and texts. The font is not subject to limitations on usage, which means you are free to use it anywhere you want without any license or authorization.

It was mostly used for printing at the beginning in the development of this font. The font is still utilized in print media to this day and also is distinctive in appearance.

Font Character View

Before we go any type of further, let’s check out the font’s styling and also exactly how it will show up in your tasks.

Galano Classic Font View

Galano Classic Font Generator

Our Font generator is a quick and easy way to create custom fonts for your projects. Just type in your text, select a font, and start customizing. You can change the size, color, and background to create the perfect look. See the changes live and download the customized preview or the font file.

License Information

Galano Classic Font is completely free to use for personal purposes. For commercial purposes buy the font from here.


You can download the free version of this font from our site in zip format and using it in any software for any required projects.


Is this a free font?

Ans: Galano Classic Font is totally free for personal use.

What’s the Closest Font to Galano Classic Font?

Ans: Climbup font is very close to the Galano Classic Font.

How to Install Galano Classic Font in Adobe, Ms. Word, Mac, or PC?

Ans: Check here for installing font in Windows and check here for installing font in MACs.


Whether you’re a designer looking to make a statement or a brand aiming for a modern yet classic look, Galano Classic is a typeface that promises versatility, elegance, and a touch of history.

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Thanks for reading.

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