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Welcome to the world of Univers Font, a timeless typeface known for its versatility and elegance. Univers has been widely used in various design projects, from print media to digital interfaces, and has become a staple choice for many designers and typographers.

What is Univers Font?

Univers Font is one of the most popular and influential sans serif fonts of the 20th century, known for its clarity, legibility, and versatility. Its design revolves around geometric shapes, resulting in a modern and functional appearance. The font’s even stroke weights and consistent letterforms make it highly readable in various sizes and on different platforms.

Univers Font Background

Univers Font, first introduced in 1957 by the renowned Swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger, is a masterpiece of typography. Its creation was a response to the increasing need for a versatile typeface that maintained its distinctive character, and it was commissioned by the French government in 1954. Two years later, it was released by Deberny & Peignot, and eventually by the Linotype GmbH.

Univers Font draws inspiration from earlier fonts like Akzidenz-Grotesk. However, unlike other neo-grotesque fonts, Univers boasts a remarkable uniformity and consistency in its appearance. It features a generous x-height (the height of lowercase letters) and a significant contrast between thick and thin strokes.

Notably, Univers Font offers an extensive family of 27 styles, ranging from ultra-light to ultra-black, and from condensed to extended. Each style is assigned a numerical designation to indicate its weight and width. For example, Univers 55 represents the regular style, Univers 65 denotes the bold style, and Univers 47 signifies the condensed style. This systematic approach facilitates easy and precise selection of the ideal style for any design project.

Over time, Linotype further developed Univers Font, resulting in an impressive collection of 59 weights. The redesign was a joint endeavor by Linotype and Frutiger, solidifying Univers as an enduring typographic classic.

This font is a free for personal use only, for commercial usage get the paid version.

Fonts Family View

Univers fonts view

Effectiveness of the Font

  • Univers Font offers excellent readability, making it suitable for body text in both print and digital media.
  • Its extensive family of 27 styles with 59 weights provides a broad range of options for different design needs. You can use it for everything from cover pages to headings and from text to quotations.
  • Univers is highly adaptable, allowing designers to use it for various projects without losing its essence.
  • Graphic designers like the font for their work in standard and intelligent implementation.

Font Family

  1. Univers Pro 45 Light
  2. Univers Pro 45 Light Oblique
  3. Univers Pro 55 Roman
  4. Univers Pro 55 Oblique
  5. Univers Pro 65 Bold
  6. Univers Pro 65 Bold Oblique
  7. Univers Pro 75 Black
  8. Univers Pro 75 Black Oblique
  9. Univers Pro 85 Extra Black
  10. Univers Pro 85 Extra Black Oblique
  11. Univers Pro 47 Light Condensed
  12. Univers Pro 47 Light Condensed Oblique
  13. Univers Pro 57 Condensed
  14. Univers Pro 57 Condensed Oblique
  15. Univers Pro 67 Bold Condensed
  16. Univers Pro 67 Bold Condensed Oblique
  17. Univers Pro 39 Thin Ultra Condensed
  18. Univers Pro 49 Light Ultra Condensed
  19. Univers Pro 59 Ultra Condensed
  20. Univers Pro 53 Extended
  21. Univers Pro 53 Extended Oblique
  22. Univers Pro 63 Bold Extended
  23. Univers Pro 63 Bold Extended Oblique
  24. Univers Pro 73 Black Extended
  25. Univers Pro 73 Black Extended Oblique
  26. Univers Pro 93 Extra Black Extended
  27. Univers Pro 93 Extra Black Extended Oblique

Univers Font Generator

Our Font Generator and Preview Creator tools offer an exciting way to experience the Univers Font. You can explore the font’s various styles by adjusting size, color, and background in real-time. The changes can be previewed instantly, and you can even download the generated font preview as an image file for your design presentations. However, please note that the font can be downloaded for testing purposes only.

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What is the meaning of the name univers?

Ans: Univers means “universe” in French, and it reflects the universal and comprehensive nature of the font family.

Can I use Univers Font for commercial projects?

Ans: Yes, Univers Font is available for commercial use through various licensed sources.

Is Univers Font suitable for web design?

Ans: Absolutely! Univers Font’s legibility and adaptability make it an excellent choice for web design.

Is it OK to use this on an online platform?

Ans: Yes, You can only use Univers font in online media with the paid version.

Does Univers Font support multiple languages?

Ans: Yes, Univers Font supports a wide range of languages, making it suitable for global design projects.


Univers Font continues to stand the test of time as a classic and versatile typeface. Its clean lines, legibility, and adaptability make it a popular choice for various design applications. Whether it’s for print or digital media, Univers Font has been a reliable companion for designers worldwide.

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