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Univers font is a timeless and versatile sans-serif typeface that has captivated designers for over six decades. Its clean lines, legibility, and extensive family of styles make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications, from print media to digital interfaces.

What is Univers Font?

Univers is a sans-serif typeface created by the renowned Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger in 1957. It is characterized by its geometric shapes, clear strokes, and excellent legibility. The font offers a wide range of 27 styles, varying in weight and width, allowing for precise and flexible design choices.

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Univers Font Background

Frutiger designed Univers in response to the growing demand for a versatile typeface that retained its distinct character. Inspired by earlier fonts like Akzidenz Grotesk, Frutiger meticulously crafted Univers with a focus on uniformity, consistency, and a generous x-height.

Here are some of the key features of Univers:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Wide range of weights and widths
  • Open counters
  • High legibility
  • Versatile

Font Family

Univers boasts a comprehensive family of 27 styles, further expanded by Linotype to include 59 weights. This diversity offers a vast range of options for designers, from light and airy to bold and impactful.

  1. Univers Pro 45 Light
  2. Univers Pro 45 Light Oblique
  3. Univers Pro 55 Roman
  4. Univers Pro 55 Oblique
  5. Univers Pro 65 Bold
  6. Univers Pro 65 Bold Oblique
  7. Univers Pro 75 Black
  8. Univers Pro 75 Black Oblique
  9. Univers Pro 85 Extra Black
  10. Univers Pro 85 Extra Black Oblique
  11. Univers Pro 47 Light Condensed
  12. Univers Pro 47 Light Condensed Oblique
  13. Univers Pro 57 Condensed
  14. Univers Pro 57 Condensed Oblique
  15. Univers Pro 67 Bold Condensed
  16. Univers Pro 67 Bold Condensed Oblique
  17. Univers Pro 39 Thin Ultra Condensed
  18. Univers Pro 49 Light Ultra Condensed
  19. Univers Pro 59 Ultra Condensed
  20. Univers Pro 53 Extended
  21. Univers Pro 53 Extended Oblique
  22. Univers Pro 63 Bold Extended
  23. Univers Pro 63 Bold Extended Oblique
  24. Univers Pro 73 Black Extended
  25. Univers Pro 73 Black Extended Oblique
  26. Univers Pro 93 Extra Black Extended
  27. Univers Pro 93 Extra Black Extended Oblique

Univers Font Generator

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What is the meaning of the name univers?

Ans: Univers means “universe” in French, and it reflects the universal and comprehensive nature of the font family.

Can I use this Font for commercial projects?

Ans: Yes, Univers Font is available for commercial use through various licensed sources.

Is Univers Font suitable for web design?

Ans: Absolutely! Univers Font’s legibility and adaptability make it an excellent choice for web design.

Does Univers Font support multiple languages?

Ans: Yes, Univers Font supports a wide range of languages, making it suitable for global design projects.


Univers Font remains a timeless classic for its clean lines, legibility, and adaptability. Whether for print or digital media, it offers a reliable solution for designers worldwide.

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