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Glacial Indifference Font is a free and open-source sans-serif typeface designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil and published by Hanken Design Co. The font was launched in 2015. The characters of this font are quite similar to certain well-known sans-serif fonts, such as the Futura font.

Glacial Indifference font was inspired by Bauhaus geometric fonts and has a simple, elegant, and legible style. It comes in two styles: regular and bold. The font is available in various file types including OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF, and WOFF2. It is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL) and can be used for personal and commercial projects.

It features a minimalistic, geometric design with sharp angles and a simple yet elegant style. The font is suitable for both print and web design, making it a versatile choice for any project. It also offers a range of weights and styles, so you can easily find the appropriate look for your project.

Before you download the typeface, you may see all of the character sets that it employs, allowing you to make accurate predictions about how it will look in your creative projects.

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What font goes well with glacial indifference font?

Glacial Indifference is a modern sans-serif font with a clean and minimalist style. Here are some font pairings that could work well with Glacial Indifference:

  • Open Sans: This font is a popular choice for pairing with Glacial Indifference. It has a similar clean and modern feel, but with a slightly different character to create a subtle contrast.
  • Lato: Lato is another sans-serif font that pairs well with Glacial Indifference. It has a more rounded appearance and softer edges, creating a gentle contrast with the more angular Glacial Indifference.
  • Montserrat: Montserrat is a geometric sans-serif font that has a similar modern feel to Glacial Indifference. Its slightly taller x-height and narrower letterforms complement Glacial Indifference’s wider, square shape.
  • Roboto: Roboto is a versatile sans-serif font that pairs well with many different styles, including Glacial Indifference. Its clean, legible appearance and wide range of weights and styles make it a popular choice for many designers.
  • Source Sans Pro: Source Sans Pro is a contemporary sans-serif font that has a slightly narrower and more condensed appearance than Glacial Indifference. This creates an interesting contrast while still maintaining a modern and clean look.


Is glacial indifference font free?

Ans: Glacial Indifference is a free and open-source sans serif typeface. You may get this font from the owner’s website or by clicking on our download link.

What font looks like Glacial Indifference?

Ans: Futura is a similar font to this font.

How can I install a font on my devices?

Ans: It’s very easy to install this font on your device. If you have a PC, MAC, or Linux device, you can install the font easily. Follow the below links.
* For Windows PC?
* For Mac?

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask us.

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