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Looking for Mr Beast Font? Mr. Beast, a renowned YouTuber, has made a significant impact in the design community with his distinct choice of fonts in his videos, thumbnails, and subtitles.


He primarily uses two fonts: Komika Axis and Obelix Pro.

1. Komika Axis Font

Mr Beast Font Logo vs Kamika font comparison

Komika Axis, created by Apostrophic Laboratories, is a comic-style font with a simple yet lively appearance. It’s often used in cartoons, books, and videos intended for children, making it an ideal choice for content creators looking to distribute engaging material to their audience. This font, with its 229 characters and sophisticated texture, has gained popularity among designers for its versatility and playful style​.

2. Obelix Pro Font

Mr Beast Font Logo vs Obelix Pro Font comparison

Obelix Pro, designed by Valentin Antonov, is another key font in Mr. Beast’s visual arsenal. It stands out for its boldness and readability, making it a perfect choice for branding, packaging, and logo design. Obelix Pro is particularly notable in Mr. Beast’s thumbnails, capturing the audience’s attention with its comic book-style and energetic letterforms. This font is available for free personal use and includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as other characters​.

Mr Beast Font Generator

In addition to these primary fonts, Mr. Beast also incorporates other fonts occasionally, adding to the uniqueness of his branding. For those interested in using similar fonts, there are several alternatives available, such as Luckiest Guy, Bangers, Chewy, and Comic Neue, which offer similar vibes to Komika Axis and Obelix Pro​.


In conclusion, Mr. Beast’s unique font choices, primarily Komika Axis and Obelix Pro, play a pivotal role in his branding and visual identity, offering a blend of playfulness, boldness, and readability that has captivated millions of viewers and influenced designers worldwide.


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