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The Source Sans Pro font is a suitable sans-serif typeface created by Paul D. Hunt for Adobe Systems. It is the first open-source typeface family from Adobe, distributed under the Adobe Typekit service in 2010, even though work on the font family began in 2009. The font was met with critical acclaim and is still used today.

The main aim of this font is to create a simple, elegant typeface that can work well in a wide variety of applications. Another goal was to make a typeface that would be highly readable in both digital and print environments. Source Sans Pro achieves these goals admirably.

Source Sans Pro Font Characteristics

The font family includes six weights, from light to black, with matching italics for each. Lowercase letters are distinct from uppercase, improving legibility in body text. In addition, this font has wide language support. The font is also included in Microsoft Windows 8 and 10.

For example, the uppercase I and lowercase L have been given additional details to more easily differentiate them. In addition, for a more pleasant reading experience in longer texts, the font was designed with more width than other comparable fonts, which is achieved by using shorter majuscule letters and minuscule letters with longer extenders. The typeface is intended for various purposes, including body text, headers, and web UI.

Adobe has released the font family under the Apache License. It is a free font. So you can download the free version of this font right here for personal and commercial use.

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As the font has six weights, it is good for almost every section you need.

  • Designing Work: Source Sans Pro font is compatible with every type of design work. This font is also usable for cards, leaflets, newspapers (online/offline), presentations, webpages, blogs, book covers, social media posts, advertisements, product designs, posters, and many more.
  • Headline: You can use the font for the Headlines and Text. You can utilize its couple of formats according to requirements.
  • Official work or Documentation: The font has the look to use in the official work and documentation.
  • Logos: You can design your logos with it.
  • Websites: I have seen various websites use this font.

Source Sans Font Generator

License Information

This font is licensed under the Open Font License. You can use Source Sans Pro freely in your products & projects – print or digital, commercial, or otherwise. However, you can’t sell the font.


If you are looking for the free version of the font, then here it is. The download link is ready. Click the download link below and you will get the font immediately at no cost.

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Is Source Sans Pro a free font?

Ans: Source Sans Pro is available for free under the Apache license. You can download the free version for both personal and commercial use.

Is Source Sans Pro a good font?

Ans: Yes, Source Sans Pro is a good font. It was designed with legibility and simplicity in mind for user interfaces, newspapers, and websites.

What font is the same as Source Sans Pro?

Ans: Corbel, Seravek, and Revisal fonts are mostly the same as Source Sans Pro Font.

Is Source Sans Pro a web-safe font?

Ans: Yes, Source Sans Pro is a web-safe font.

How to install Source Sans Pro Font on Computer?

Ans: Check PC or Mac instructions link to install Source Sans Pro Font on your computer.


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