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Looking for the Demon Slayer font? In this wave of animated movie hype, “Demon Slayer” has made its way all over the world. Even the logo font itself has a perk of its own. As most of you anime fans are aware, there is a Japanese manga series called Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba that has also been made into a movie. Due to its popularity, the logo lettering for the movie has become very popular.

Many fans and designers want to know and use the font in their design projects. So, we will discuss the Demon Slayer font in detail, including its design and how to obtain it.

What font does the Demon Slayer use?

The Demon Slayer font is inspired by the animated dark fantasy action film “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train.” The font uses a modified version of a fan typeface called Blood Crow.

Demon Slayer font vs logo

The Blood Crow fancy display font was designed by Daniel Zadorozny and released by Iconian Fonts (USA). It was first released in 2009, and it is a cleaner version of Blood Crow Condensed.

Font Features and Characteristics

This fancy horror font is a spooky and unique typeface that can be used for personal projects. It comes in an array of 11 different styles, including regular, italic, condensed, expanded, and various shadow and leftalic versions, making it versatile for any design.

The font is compatible with various devices such as MAC, PC, and Android and offers additional features such as experimental ligatures and multilingual support. Its twisted design is available in true type format, and the current version is 1.000, which is perfect for creating a horror-type atmosphere in any project.

What is the Demon Slayer logo?

The Demon Slayer logo is the emblem used to represent the manga and anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The logo consists of simple geometric shapes or text. The logo evokes a sense of foreboding and horror and is associated with the imagery of monsters and fighting back against them. It also has red and black colors, which can be associated with things like passion and sophistication in the branding world.

The logo is reminiscent of scary, bloodthirsty monsters that come out to hunt when the moon appears. The Demon Slayer Mark is an enigmatic supernatural mark that can be unlocked and may appear on the body of a powerful demon slayer. The most talented Demon Slayers of the Demon Slayer Corps have a chance to develop a mysterious tattoo, scar, or birthmark marking. It resembles the demon crests that appear on the bodies of most demons.

Get the Demon Slayer Logo and Font

If you require the Demon Slayer font or logo, we provide multiple options for you to download them. Download the iconic Demon Slayer logo in PNG and SVG formats and the actual font in TTF format.


Demon Slayer logo svg eng preview


Demon Slayer logo svg jp preview

Use Cases for this Font

The Demon Slayer font can be used in a variety of ways to create an eerie or unsettling atmosphere. Some potential use cases include:

Halloween invitations and decorations: The spooky design of the font can be used to create invitations, posters, and decorations for Halloween events.

Horror movie posters and book covers: The twisted design of the font can be used to create posters and book covers for horror movies and books.

Video game and app design: The font can be used to create a spooky atmosphere in video games and apps, such as survival horror games.

Graphic design projects: The font can be used to create unique and eerie designs for graphic design projects, such as logos, posters, and advertisements.

Social media posts and website design: The font can be used to create an eerie atmosphere in social media posts and website design, such as Halloween promotions and events.

The font’s unique design and various styles make it a versatile tool for creating a spooky atmosphere in a variety of projects.

Font Family

  • Blood Crow
  • Blood Crow Italic
  • Blood Crow Condensed
  • Blood Crow Condensed Italic
  • Blood Crow Expended
  • Blood Crow Expended Italic
  • Blood Crow Leftalic
  • Blood Crow Shadow
  • Blood Crow Shadow Italic
  • Blood Crow Shadow Condensed
  • Blood Crow Shadow Condensed Italic

To Conclude

The Demon Slayer font is a unique and spooky typeface inspired by the animated dark fantasy action film. It is based on a modified version of a fan typeface called Blood Crow. The font may give your project a horrifying or eerie appearance, which may be required by your project.

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