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If you are looking for a font that has screen readability at any size as well as a great display, then you should try the Avenir Next font. 

With 24 styles, including Regular to Condensed Italic variants, the Avenir Next font caused turmoil when released. It is an improved version of the Avenir font. Obviously, the newer design provides the legibility and flexibility that the Avenir font lacks. The Avenir font entered the market with only 3 weights. This is why it was suitable for selective projects. Since the Avenir Next font comes with more variables, it works brilliantly for a wide variety of projects. 

In a word, the Avenir Next font grabs mass attention due to its geometric, clean, straightforward, and elegant texture appearance. People use this font mostly for graphic design works and other creative projects. This typeface has the best compatibility with other contemporary typefaces. For this reason, many designers prefer to use this font in combination with other fonts rather than using it alone. 

The famous Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger was the designer of the Avenir font. He created and produced the Avenir font to alternate the Futura font, designed by Paul Renner. The Futura font was so calculative, which Frutiger felt was an injustice to the page. This made him create a more humanist, natural typeface, which is the Avenir font. 

Later, he felt the urge to work on the limits of the Avenir font. In 2004, he released the modified design as the Avenir Next font under the Linotype font foundry. What’s more interesting is, that something incredible was yet to happen to the Avenir Next font. 

Akira Kobayashi worked along with Adrian Frutiger to put the Avenir Next font to the next level. Kobayashi’s ideas, mixed with Frutiger’s original intent, gave birth to the Avenir Next Pro font. An expanded design of the Avenir Next, the Pro version became a modern font ahead of its time.


When the Avenir Next font was released, it created history. Its design and wide range of applications immediately caught the eyes of many companies. Even BBC2, the British television channel, recently adopted the Avenir Next font as their corporate typeface. The Gill Sans font was the former formal official typeface of all BBC channels. 

Another renowned company, LG, uses this font on their cell phone buttons. They believe that readability matters the most, and the Avenir Next font ensures this quality better than other fonts. 

Be it online or offline works, the font makes everything successful. It is usable for various graphic designs, printing and digital projects, and office tasks. Here is a detailed list depicting where you can apply this font. 

Avenir Next Font Generator

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Avenir Next Font

Similar/Alternative Fonts

Check out some Free Alternatives of the Avenir Next font

  • Karu Extra Light font is similar to “Avenir Next Ultra Light”.
  • Metropolis Font Family is very similar to Avenir Next font Family (From Thin to bold).


Athelas font, Harriet Display font, Monosten font, Palatino font, and Viner Hand ITC font are well compatible with the Avenir Next font. When you pair these fonts with the Avenir Next font, your projects will be more unique than before.

License Information

The makers of Avenir Next font permit all users to use this font for free. Obviously, that is for personal use. If you intend to use this font for commercial uses, you have to buy a license from a trusted source.


Click here to download the Avenir Next font for free.


Who designed the font?

Ans: A Swiss designer named Adrian Frutiger designed the Avenir Next font.

Which font family does the font belong to?

Ans: The Avenir Next font belongs to the Sans-serif font family.

How many styles does the font family have?

Ans: Avenir Next font family has 24 styles.

Where can I use the font?

Ans: You can use the Avenir Next font on texts of various sizes and projects. Also, this font is usable on Android, Mac, and Windows.

Ways to install the font on my device?

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