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Comic Sans Font

Vincent Connare designed Comic Sans font and Microsoft Corporation released them in 1994 for use with Microsoft Windows. Vincent Connare is an American graphic designer and typographer who became popular today for his innovation of the Comic Sans font. While he was employed by Microsoft, the largest software company, he introduced his new font to the typographic world.  

What is Comic Sans font? 

Comic Sans font was designed to purely model the typography in historical comic books. It was designed for ‘Bob’, a virtual assistant that would help kids and beginner users launch programs and do simple tasks.

Those who have problems in reading become comfortable for its irregular composition and the disparity in letter height in this typography.

Common Usages

Initially this sans serif typeface was simply designed for comic books only. However, officials and young professionals have been using it creating office flyers, documents and logos etc. since its release. 

A study concluded, school students spent more time digesting the information when printed in the irregular set of fonts and were subsequently far more likely to remember it in the future. The study also tested how the readability of fonts affected school childrens’ retention of information. 

This typography is also spacious and gives readers the chance to distinguish the letters. That’s why designers consider Comic Sans the best of the bunch for mainstream typefaces.

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About Comic Sans Movie 

Comic Sans is a 2018 Croatian comedy-drama film. Famous film Director Nevio Marasovic directed this well-known film. The premier show of the film was placed in Belgrade at the 46th FEST International Film Festival.

Plot:  A successful graphic designer Alan Despot, after trying in vain to renew a broken relationship with his girlfriend experiences an emotional breakdown. Alan once goes to the island of Vis with his mother and separated father to arrange a funeral for their deceased aunt. Fortunately Alan meets his ex-girlfriend with her fiancé. Finally Alan has come to see his own worthy life with the help of a new perspective. 

The film achieved the best prize at Sombor Film Festival 2018.

Comic Sans Font at a Glance 

NameComic Sans
DesignerVincent Connare
FoundryMicrosoft Corporation
CategoryScript (typefaces)
File FormatOTF, TTF
TypeFree Version
LicenseCommercial Font
Date CreatedOctober 1994

How Can Someone Hate a Font?

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To Conclude

Some distinguished typographers said Comic Sans font is neither complicated nor even sophisticated. It is also not the same as old text used in newspapers. As it’s not boring, of course enjoyable, that’s why people like it.

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