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About The Font

Do you want a font that blends perfectly in your content? Designs related to lifestyle, traveling, art, writing, and young people, then Youth touch font is a perfect match for your needs, and it’s also free for you to download. It looks like a very energetic font in every aspect. It resonates perfectly with the youth and has a very fresh look. Youth Touch Font is a TrueType lettering font with 302 glyphs and 314 characters. Another font is called “Workside Slant” font, similar to this Font.

Professional font creator HeroFonts has created The Youth Touch FontIt comes in various forms in the font pack—bold, italic, regular, etc. But the version we are providing is the regular version, a TrueType Font. The premium version has included a web version with the regular version.

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You can use this beautiful typographic font for various purposes. Also, you can use Youth Touch font in a variety of design projects – logo and branding. For marketing, other real-life uses like wedding cards, posters, leaflets, etc., include social media posts, advertisements, and product designs. Magazines nowadays use script fonts like Youth Touch. At the same time, you can use this one in magazines, newspapers, and ebooks.

You can also use this font in lifestyle-based YouTube channels to give an artistic look at your thumbnails and so on. Besides, you can use the font on your websites. If you want this to use on websites, you may have to buy it.

Font information

NameYouth Touch Font
File Format.ttf
Font LicenceDemo (for personal use only)

The font family included only one style called – YouthTouch.ttf.

  1. Workside Slant
  2. Diamond Dust Font 
  3. Vegan Style Font 
  4. Tahu Font

Font Pairing

It goes well with various cursive fonts like:

  • Clattering
  • Rampage Monoline Script
  • Barcelony
  • Cervanttis


If you are looking for a free version of the youth touch font, here it is. The download link is ready for the youth touch font. Click the download link below, and you will get the font immediately at no cost.

License Information

Youth Touch Font is free for personal use, licensed as “DEMO.” But if you need this font for commercial uses like- websites, games, ebooks, etc., you need to buy a commercial license from Hero Fonts. The price for its commercial use starts from 49$ only. But don’t worry, we have a free downloadable youth font here. You can download it with one click.


What is the type of this font?

Ans: It is a TrueType Lettering font. You can also categorize it under calligraphy and handwritten font.

Where will this font be the best place to use?

Ans: The best place for using the Youth Touch font is logo design and branding.

Is it a free font?

Ans: Yes, this version font is called demo means you can use the font for only personal purposes. For commercial use, contact Herofonts.

Is there any free, similar font available to this one?

Ans: Workside Slant font is a free alternative to the Youth Touch font.

I need to download this font on my device. Is it possible?

Ans: Yes, you can download this font on your PC, MAC, and Linux systems.

What is the closest font?

Ans: “Ranania font” could be the closest font to Youth Touch.

Note: Do you know how to install fonts on your pc? Sure you do. If you don’t, we have two articles to help you install custom fonts on your pc. Check these out:

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If you have any questions, let us know. We will be glad to answer any of your questions.

Thank You.