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Vegan Style Font

About The Font

The Vegan Style font is a custom calligraphic script typeface designed by Billy Argel and released in 2018. The font is free for personal use only. The font is stylish and charismatic, with bold strokes.
The font has 269 glyphs and 280 characters and is in TrueType format. Therefore, you can say that the Vegan Style is ranked at the top in this category as a handwritten style font.
In today’s world, designers can express their thoughts through their work uniquely. Differentiating your designs from others is effortless with handwritten and calligraphic fonts. The Vegan Style Font is a kind of font and is also free to download.
You can download the partial font from our website. However, for commercial use, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Billy Argel at billyargel@gmail.com

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The Vegan style font is very eye-catching; it will stand out whenever you use it in your work. But you have to be very careful. We are providing you with freeware or a demo version of the font. So, whenever you’re more likely to use it for commercial purposes, be sure you’ve got yourself a license from the original creator.

This font is compatible with every design work there is. You can use this font for web design purposes. Like headings, titles, and sometimes subtitles. You can enhance your thumbnail using this font if you’re a YouTuber. 

This font is also usable for PDFs, watermarks, logos, merch, promotional items, t-shirts, portfolios, crafts, layouts, CDs, labels, etc.

Font information

NameVegan Style
AuthorBilly Argel
File FormatTrueType
Font LicenceDemoware
Publishing Time2018

Font Family

The font includes only one style called: Vegan-Style.ttf

As per the designer concern, this font goes well with -Helvetica, Futura and Oswald font

  1. Holly Days.
  2. Wonderful Night 
  3. Culington.
  4. Nature Beauty 
  5. Bonbon Regular Font


The beautiful handwritten font “Vegan Style Font”  is ready for you to download completely free. The download link is below. Before downloading keep in mind that it is a personal use only version.

License Information

The license of this font is freeware, non-commercial by the author Billy Argel. Let’s break down the term.

Freeware, non-commercial, means it’s free to download and use for your purpose. But, when you need this font for commercial purposes, you have to buy it from the author.


What is the type of this font?

Ans: Vegan Style is a pure handwritten font. It’s available in OTF and TTF format.

Where will this font be the best place to use?

Ans: The best use-case of this font is in Logos.

Is it a free font?

Ans: Yes, this is a free font but only for personal use.

Is there any free, similar font available to this one?

Ans: “Wonderful Night” font is the free similar font available to this font.

I need to download this font on my device. Is it possible?

Ans: Yes, you can use this font on your PC, MAC, and Linux systems.

What is the closest font?

Ans: “Holly Days” font could be the closest font to Youth Touch.

Note: If you’re unknown about the installation of custom fonts, here are our guidelines on how to help you install custom fonts on your computer.  

  1. How to Install Custom Fonts on Your Windows Computer
  2. How to Install Custom Fonts on Your Mac Computer

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank You!

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