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The Metallica font is the font used in the Metallica logo. It is a strong, bold typeface that takes inspiration from the well-known heavy metal band Metallica.

This bold and angular logo font perfectly complements the band’s aggressive and stylish image. It has become one of the most iconic fonts in the heavy metal music scene.

The Metallica logo was designed by James Hetfield, the lead singer and guitarist of Metallica. It was first used in 1981 on the band’s debut album, Kill ‘Em All.

Metallica Logo On kill em all Album

Finding a Similar Font

Metallica Font View
Metallica Font Pastor of the Muppets Character View

The Metallica logo font is sometimes called the Pastor of the Muppets font because of its similarities. It is a decorative typeface that is bold and angular. The font is freeware by Ray Larabie.

Metallica Logo vs Pastor of Muppets font

There some other fan-made replica font available for free called “Metallica” by Fontget and “Tallica Font” by Abu Hasnat. Tallica is a paid font.

Metallica Logo Vs Metallica Replica font


The Metallica font is ideal for creating impactful designs, album covers, posters, and merchandise for fans of the band. With its edgy and aggressive aesthetic, the Metallica font captures the spirit and intensity of Metallica’s music. Whether you’re a die-hard Metallica fan or simply seeking a bold and eye-catching font, the Metallica font is sure to make a statement.

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