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In cinema, few movies attain the status of cultural icons. Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” is undeniably one of them, with its intriguing narrative, memorable characters, and distinct visual style. Central to its visual allure is the font used in the title sequence—an embodiment of the film’s essence. Join us on a typographic adventure as we explore the font of “Pulp Fiction” and its captivating counterparts.

Aachen Font

Pulp Fiction Movie Logo vs Aachen font similarity example

A font similar to the “Pulp Fiction font is Aachen. It shares a bold and weighty appearance but lacks the slanted and stylized characteristics that make the font distinct. While Aachen exudes retro flair, it needs to capture the unique aura of Tarantino’s masterpiece.

ITC Benguiat Font

Pulp Fiction Movie Logo vs ITC Benguiat font similarity example

Another font is ITC Benguiat, famous for its usage in album covers and movie posters. With its angularity and retro appeal, ITC Benguiat evokes a sense of familiarity. However, it lacks the unique slant and customization of the font used in the movie.

Pulp Fiction M54 Font

Pulp Fiction Movie Logo vs Pulp Fiction M54 font similarity example

Another fan-made inspired font is Pulp Fiction M54, created by the design team at font foundry M541. It is a chunky sharp-edged typeface reminiscent of collegiate-style typefaces. It has a regular and italic version, both in TTF format. It is a customized version of Aachen, with a diagonal design and some alternates for letters like S, T, and A3. It showcases a vintage charm suitable for various design projects.

Pulp Fiction Font Generator

If you want to use this iconic typography and infuse your projects with cinematic allure, you can use a Pulp Fiction font generator. This online tool allows you to type any text and see how it looks in the font. You can also download the generated image or copy the code to embed it on your website or blog.


The font used in the title sequence of “Pulp Fiction” contributes significantly to its visual identity, exuding retro charm and stylish spirit. While fonts like Aachen and ITC Benguiat share similarities, they lack the precise customization and slanted design that defines the “Pulp Fiction” font. Just as the movie continues to captivate audiences, its font remains a timeless symbol of its unique aesthetic.

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