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Today we will talk about Death Note font and where it comes from. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata wrote and illustrated Death Note’s Japanese manga series. “Death Note,” a notebook that belonged to the Shinigami Ryuk, provides its bearer superhuman powers to murder anybody whose name is inscribed on its pages. Light Yagami, a teenage prodigy, finds the notebook. It was a huge hit in the theaters, and it’s still famous throughout the world.

The book covers and movie posters for this series using a variety of eye-catching typefaces that drew in spectators and designers from across the globe. The typeface used in this manga series was sought after by several designers. The typefaces used on the movie posters and book covers will be revealed right here.

Death Font was used for the manga series’ book covers by Joshua 1985; however, the film poster included another stunning font by Rebirth Organizations similar to Death Note Font. Additionally, the “L” in the signature “L” of Cloister Black is present. If you want to have the same impact as the book cover title, you must utilize the capital letters of this typeface. It has 69 distinct glyphs and 1024 units per em in a single regular style.


This typeface is ideal for various patterns, designs, and content textures. Headlines and titles and quotations; menu labels; hotel/store names; Powerpoint presentations; Product titling; Magazines; signatures, and Newspaper headings; and many other relevant items may be used with this typeface.

With the font’s uppercase letters, you may easily create posters and book covers with the same flair. In addition to creating many other types of designs, this movie font may also be used to create logos, icons, business cards, greeting cards, and various other printed materials such as homewares and clothing.

Font View

Before we proceed with the rest of the article, let’s have a look at the font’s style and how it will seem in your tasks.

Death Note Font View

Death Note Font Generator

License Information

When it comes to any personal usage, this typeface is completely free to use. In the case of commercial projects, you will be required to purchase the font’s license directly from the creator of the typeface.


You can download the free version of this font from our site in zip format and use it in any software for any required projects.

Alternatives of Death Note Font

  • John Handy Font.
  • Dominican Font.
  • Big Shoulders Display Font.
  • Nasalization Font.
  • Fairy Tale Font.
  • AL Hurried Note font.


Can I Use Death Note Font on My Website?

In several cases, handwritten typefaces have been used on websites for a variety of purposes. If you’re looking for a natural-looking font for your website design, this is it.

What’s the Closest Font to Death Note Font?

John Handy is very close to the Death Note Font.

How to Install Death Note Font in Adobe, Ms. Word, Mac, or PC?

Check here for installing font in Windows.
Check here for installing font in MACs.

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