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Nimbus Roman No. 9 L is a serif font family that URW Studio created in 1987. It is based on Nimbus Roman, which URW Studio designed in 1982 as a clone of Times New Roman. One of the free fonts that comes with Ghostscript, which is an open-source interpreter for PostScript and PDF files, is Nimbus Roman No. 9 L. It has four weights: normal, bold, italic, and bold italic.

It works with Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, and other languages and characters. It is fully metric compatible with Times and Times New Roman, meaning it has the same dimensions and spacing as these fonts, which makes it easy to use Nimbus Roman No. 9 L as a substitute for Times or Times New Roman in any document or application.

Nimbus Roman No. 9 L is a classic serif font used for many things, like academic writing, professional documents, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. It looks clean and classy, which gives it an air of authority and tradition. It is also suitable for web design and digital media because it has good readability on different screen sizes and resolutions.

Nimbus Roman No. 9 L is licensed under several free licenses, such as the GPL (General Public License), AFPL (Aladdin Free Public License), LPPL (LaTeX Project Public License), OFL (Open Font License), etc. Anyone can use Nimbus Roman No. 9 L for personal or commercial projects without paying fees or royalties. But some licenses may have restrictions or requirements about how the font can be changed or shared.

If you want a free serif font that resembles Times New Roman but has more features and support for different languages and characters, try Nimbus Roman No. 9 L. There is a another font called Times Newer Roman is also inspired by the Nimbus Roman No. 9 L font. You can download it from our website.

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Font At A Glance

Font Family NameNimbus Roman No9 L
DesignerURW Studio
Publishing Year2015
CopyrightCopyright 2014 by (URW)++ Design & Development GmbH

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