Playfair Display Font Family

Playfair Display font is a serif typeface designed by Claus Eggers Sørensen and released in 2011. Sørensen, a type designer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, drew inspiration from the Enlightenment period of the late 18th century when creating this font.

Playfair Display Font Specimen

Design and Versatility

Playfair Display is a transitional serif font that is versatile in its use. It was initially released with three weights and small caps, with italics for each. The font’s design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from body text to display titles and short paragraphs.

The font designer incorporated elements from John Baskerville’s designs and Scottish Roman designs into Playfair Display. Its large display (transitional) design can be used with the Georgia font for body text.

Updates and Variations

In November 2017, Playfair Display font family received an update including support for additional languages and minor bug fixes. The Playfair Display SC small-cap font was also added to the main small-cap family. In 2018, Mark Simonson also updated the font to improve small caps compatibility on Mac OS X systems using Apple’s TrueType font collection.

Playfair Display Char Map and glyphs

In August 2019, Playfair Display font was transformed into a variable font, creating a sibling font alongside the original version.

Open Source and Contribution

Playfair Display font is part of Google’s font libraries and is an open-source project. This means that anyone can contribute to its development and improvement. The font is freely available for use. These fonts are licensed under the Open Font License, allowing you to use them freely in your products and projects, whether they are print or digital, commercial or non-commercial.

If you are interested in contributing to the Playfair Display font project, you can visit the following URL: Playfair Display Contribution.

Usage and Compatibility

Playfair Display’s timeless design is favored in luxury branding, fashion, and editorial projects. It’s adaptable for print, web, logos, and more. It offers multiple weights, styles, and supports Cyrillic languages. For best results, use the latest versions and seek community support for challenges.

Fonts Family

Playfair Display Font Family View
  • Playfair Display Regular
  • Playfair Display Italic
  • Playfair Display Bold
  • Playfair Display Bold Italic
  • Playfair Display Black
  • Playfair Display Black Italic
  • Playfair Display SC Regular
  • Playfair Display SC Italic
  • Playfair Display SC Bold
  • Playfair Display SC Bold Italic
  • Playfair Display SC Black
  • Playfair Display SC Black Italic

Playfair Display Font Generator

Use our Playfair Display Font Generator to create customized text with the elegant Playfair Display font. Adjust the size, color, and background to your liking and download the generated text as an image file.

Try it now and let your creativity soar!

Similar Fonts

Similar fonts vs Playfair Dispay Font
Lora, Libre Barkerville, Baskerville, Marriweather font vs Playfair Dispay Font
  • Baskerville: A classic serif font resembling Playfair Display.
  • Libre Baskerville: An open-source variant of Baskerville.
  • Crimson Text: Modern, readable, and akin to Playfair Display.
  • Lora: Elegant and readable, suitable for various texts.
  • Merriweather: Known for legibility, especially at smaller sizes.

Font Pairing

You can create high-quality designs with several different Playfair Display font combinations.


Is it possible to download it for use on a PC or Mac?

Ans: Yes, you can safely download The Playfair Display font on your PC and MAC.

Does Google have a font that looks like this?

Ans: The Playfair Display font itself is a Google Font. You can also search for it in your Google Font libraries. 

What if I want to use this on an online platform?

Ans: You can use this font on any online platform.


Playfair Display is a blend of historical charm and modern adaptability. As an open-source font available on platforms like Google Fonts, it’s a top choice for designers. Its diverse design applications, from body text to titles, make it a go-to for various projects. Stay updated and leverage its full potential for optimal design outcomes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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