Crimson Text Font

Crimson Text is a free and open-source serif font designed by Sebastian Kosch, a Canadian type designer based in Germany.

Crimson Text Font Specimen

It is inspired by classic serifs like Garamond, and Baskerville, but does not revive any specific historical model.

Crimson Text vs Garamond vs Baskerville

Crimson Text is specifically intended for book production, particularly in the humanities, literature, and the arts. It has a classic and elegant appearance, featuring high contrast and sharp serifs. This font family supports a wide range of languages and scripts. It is available in six styles: regular, italic, semibold, semibold italic, bold, and bold italic.

Crimson Text Font Family

Inspired by classic serifs, Crimson Text adds its own unique flair.

Crimson Text Font Generator

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Crimson Text is an exceptional font that homages the elegance and beauty of traditional book typefaces. Its high contrast letterforms, graceful serifs, and range of styles make it a versatile choice for design projects.

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