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The Inter family of variable fonts was explicitly designed for computer screens. It features a tall x-height to aid in the readability of mixed-case and lower-case text, and several OpenType features that enhance its functionality and aesthetics. In this article, we will explore the characteristics, uses, and benefits of Inter Font.

About The Font and The History Behind It

Inter Font was created by Rasmus Andersson, a Swedish software designer living in San Francisco. He started the project in 2016 as a personal experiment to improve the legibility and appearance of his code editor. He later released it as a free, open-source font family under the SIL Open Font License.

It is a variable font. It can adjust its weight and slant along a continuous range of values instead of having discrete styles like regular, bold, or italic. This allows for more flexibility, customization, and smaller file sizes.

Inter Font has 18 predefined styles, ranging from Thin to Black, each with an italic counterpart. It also has over 2500 glyphs, covering most Latin-based languages and Cyrillic and Greek scripts.

Inter Font Features

The Inter Font, equipped with a rich array of OpenType features, facilitates a customized user experience to match specific needs. Among these offerings are Contextual Alternates which adapt or substitute characters based on the surrounding context.

Another feature, Tabular Numbers, standardizes the width of all numbers to ensure a compelling display of tabular data or column alignment across rows. The Fractions feature allows standard fractions like 1/2 or 3/4, replacing the slash with a horizontal bar for clarity.

Utilizing these features requires software with OpenType support, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, or Google Docs or Slides.

Where to Use Inter Font

Inter Font is suitable for various applications requiring precise and elegant computer screen typography. Some examples are:

  • Web design: You can integrate the font easily into any website using Google Fonts or downloading and hosting the font files. You can also pair it with other fonts to create contrast and harmony.
  • User interface design: You can use the font for designing user interfaces for software applications, such as menus, buttons, labels, dialogs, etc. It can also adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions using its variable font capabilities.
  • Coding: It can be used for writing and reading code in various programming languages. It has a monospaced variant that preserves character and symbol alignment.
  • Data visualization: This font can display numerical data in charts, graphs, tables, etc. It has tabular numbers and fractions that ensure consistency and accuracy.

Inter Font Generator

If you want to try out Inter Font without installing it on your computer or using any software, you can use our Inter Font Generator. This tool allows you to type any text and see how it looks in different styles and weights of the font. You can also adjust the text size, color, background, and alignment. You can also download the generated image as a PNG file.

Font View

Inter Font Character View
Inter Font Symbols View


Inter Font is a modern typeface that was designed for computer screens. It has many OpenType features that make it readable and flexible. It is also free and open source so that you can use it for any personal or commercial project. If you are looking for a font that can handle various screen-based applications with style and elegance, consider trying Inter Font.

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