Hello Kitty Font

The Hello Kitty font is the name of the typeface used in the Hello Kitty brand logo. It is a cute and playful font that perfectly reflects the adorable character of Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Logo and Icon

Hello Kitty has millions of fans worldwide who adore this cute cat that symbolizes friendship, kindness, and cuteness. You can find Hello Kitty on various products such as stationery, clothes, toys, games, and movies.

Hello Kitty Cartoon

The Hello Kitty logo font is widely recognized and adored by fans globally. It has become an iconic symbol of the Hello Kitty brand, bringing joy and happiness to people. The logo consists of two parts: “Hello” and “Kitty” in a beautiful script font. Over the years, the logo has undergone changes while maintaining a simple and elegant appearance.

Similar Fonts to Hello Kitty

There are a number of similar fonts to Hello Kitty that you can use for your own projects. Some of these fonts include

Chick-fool-A Font

This font is a custom font that was created for the restaurant chain Chick-fil-A. It is very similar to the Hello Kitty font in terms of its overall appearance.

Hello Kitty Title Logo vs Similar Font Chick fool a

Chicken Hut Font

This font is another similar font that is perfect for Hello Kitty-inspired projects. It is a free font that you can download and use without any restrictions.


Veronica Script Font

A beautiful and elegant handwritten font that matches the Hello Kitty title logo. Veronica Script is a freeware font characterized by its flowing lines and delicate curves.


Absolut Pro Bold Font

This font is reminiscent of the 1997 Hello Kitty logo title design. It is part of the Absolut Pro font family, known for its bold and impactful appearance, making it perfect for headlines, titles, and attention-grabbing text.


Janda Happy Day Font

Hello Kitty Font Characters View

A delightful and playful typeface that many Hello Kitty-related designs use for its party-like appearance. Janda Happy Day is free for personal use and is sure to bring a smile to your audience.

Odin Bold

This font is matched with the Hello Kitty logo title lettering from 1986. The Odin Bold font is a sans-serif typeface that is bold and impactful. It is designed by an anonymous foundry and is available for personal use only.


In conclusion, the Hello Kitty font is a beloved and adorable typeface used in the Hello Kitty brand logo. It captures the cute and playful essence of the famous Japanese cartoon character. The font has become an iconic symbol of the Hello Kitty brand, bringing joy to millions of fans worldwide. Overall, the Hello Kitty font is a charming and versatile choice for various design projects.

If you’re interested in other kids or cartoon type fonts for your projects, you can also check out fonts like Bluey, Nickelodeon, Baby Shark, Lilo and Stitch, Simpsons, Cocomelon, and etc.

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