Seventies Font

Maximiliano Sproviero designed the Seventies font in 2015. The publisher of this font is Lián Types. The Seventies font is another attempt of Maximiliano Sproviero to fill the existing gap of 70s-looking font. As per the designer, “that decade has a hidden treasure regarding the type that remains unexplored: Only very few fonts rescue its ‘groovy’ essence, its ‘colorful’ qualities.” It’s a fantastic calligraphy typeface that has become very popular with its 70s style.

It’s a layered font. Its modern look is adapted to our century, and you can use this font very easily on posters, brands, magazines, and book covers of any kind. Seventies typeface contains that are namely light, usual, medium, and bold. There is a similar free version of this font called Funkies Font.

Seventies font is a fully commercial font. You can use a free version of this font which is available for personal use only. For commercial use, you must buy this font from the respected owner. You can buy this font from Lián Types.


Seventies font is a great typeface, which is best to use in quote designs. It looks exceptional in big titles and intertwined with historical factors. You can also use this font in posters, brands, magazines, and book covers of any kind. That is why Seventies font is best, and it doesn’t detract far from the variety of the header font.

You can use the Seventies font in packaging designs due to its broad and colorful lines. It can help you to make creative and productive designs.

Font View

If you decide to use this font, you first need to check out all the character designs of this Seventies font. So, that you can take the decision and how it will look on your project. Below we are showing all the characters of this font.


Seventies Font Generator


Please click the below button to download the Seventies font, which comes in zip format. You can download the font only for test purposes.

License Information

The Seventies font is a commercial font, which means it’s not free. But you can test the font before you buy the font. For any use, you need to buy this font from the original owner of this font. For this, you need to contact the designer or buy from Lián Types.

Font Family Includes

  • Seventies Regular
  • Seventies Shade
  • Seventies Shine
  • Seventies Printed
  • Seventies Shade Solo

Font Paring

You can use this font with:

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  • Futura Font
  • Bodoni Font
  • Rubik Mono One Font
  • DIN Next Font
  • Fueled Font
  • Monospace Font
  • Avenir Font
  • Alegreya Font
  • Chaparral Font

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Is Seventies font is an antique font?

Yes! The style of the Seventies font is antique type.

Closest Font to Seventies font?

The Funkies Font is very close to the font.

How to Install the font in Adobe, Ms. Word, Mac, or PC?

Check here for installing font in Windows.
Check here for installing font in MACs.

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