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CS Source font refers to the font used in the HUD (heads-up display) of the video game Counter-Strike: Source. Because there is no specific font name associated with it. But the font used there is custom-made specifically for the game. We found two fonts that look similar to it. They are BankGothic Md BT or BankGothic RUSS fonts. BankGothic Md BT is part of the Bank Gothic font family designed by Morris Fuller Benton. The Md BT version was created by Bitstream. While BankGothic RUSS is a Cyrillic version created by ParaType.

You can also try the Counter Strike font, which is based on the Counter Strike logo. It was designed by a fan of the game named SoJa. It includes upper and lowercase numbers, symbols, and latin and cyrillic glyphs. You can also download it for free!

Counter Stirke click Panaroma

Counter-Strike is a series of multiplayer first-person shooter games that pit two teams of players against each other: terrorists and counter-terrorists. The games feature various modes and objectives, such as defusing bombs, rescuing hostages, or eliminating enemies.

CS Source Font Generator

If you want to use the CS Source font in your designs but don’t want to install it on your computer, you can use our CS Source font generator. Our font generator is a free and easy-to-use tool that lets you create custom texts with a font. It lets you design unlimited beautiful posters, logos, and banners free of charge.

How do I install fonts on Counter Strike?

Counter-Strike is a popular first-person shooter game that allows you to customise its font for a better gaming experience. In this guide, you will learn how to install fonts for Counter-Strike and change them on your PC. So, let’s start.

  1. Click on the Counter Stirke Folder on your PC.
Counter Strike Font install
  1. Then click csgo folder.
Counter Stirke click Panaroma
  1. After that, click on the panaroma.
Click on fonts and then enter
  1. Click on the fonts folder.
  2. Before installing, change the font.conf to fontbackup.conf for backup if you want to go back to the previous setting.
  3. Drop the font you downloaded and install it.
Change the name between Font Patter
  1. Click on the font.conf file and open it with Notepad+. Change the name in the section between the <font pattern> and name it to the font you want to download.

In short, the CS Source font is a custom font for the game Counter-Strike: Source. Similar fonts are BankGothic Md BT, BankGothic RUSS, and Counter Strike.

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