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Today we are about to learn about the High on Life font. But first, can you tell us what “High on Life” is? So, High on Life is a first-person shooter video game created by Justin Roiland, co-creator of the animated television series “Rick and Morty.” The game’s plot revolves around an alien cartel that invades Earth and wants to get high off of humanity, and the player’s goal is to rescue and partner with talking guns to take down the aliens and save the world.

High on Life” was released in 2022 and was the most significant Game Pass release of that year, the most prominent third-party launch in Game Pass history, and the biggest single-player game launch on Game Pass ever. Recent reviews of the game have been very positive, with over 7,000 reviews.

The logo of this game has become very popular due to its popularity, and people have been searching for it.

So, what is the High on Life font?

The video game “High on Life” logo is a custom-designed font by the game studio. The logo has two designs: one for the word “high” and one for the word “on life.”

High on life game banner with logo

There is a font that looks similar to the logo word “high” but is not quite the same, called Arial Rounded Regular. Because of customization, the edge of the logo word “High” is rough and uneven. But you will be convinced if you check the logo and font structures side by side.

High Word Similarity

In addition, we found a font called Aliman that looks similar to the logo word “On Life.” It is important to note, however, that the design of the logo word “On Life” does not match the font exactly. In the logo, there is a liquid-like element surrounding the word “On LIFE,” as well as a part of the word “High.” For a better understanding, please see the image below.

On life word similarity

High Life Font Preview Generator

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In conclusion,

We did our best to provide you with the exact font through our content. The given images will give you a proper answer about the High on Life font. You can use these fonts on your design projects. We also try to locate the fan-made font, but it is currently unavailable. If we find anything in the future, we will update this content.

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