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Today, we will let you know about the Onlyfans font. As many of you know, OnlyFans, a platform that has gained immense popularity in recent years, has seen its branding evolve since its inception.

Due to its popularity, the Onlyfans logo is also getting recognized for its uniqueness and design style. However, it has undergone some changes.

OnlyFans Logo old and new

Now, let’s delve into the details of the Onlyfans logo and what font it uses.

So, What font does the Onlyfans logo use?

From our observation, the Onlyfans logo uses a custom font design. Over the years, the logo has changed twice: once as The Original Logo (2016) and once as The Redesigned Logo (2021). Now, let’s know what fonts are similar to them.

OnlyFans Old Logo Font

Onlyfans old Lock Logo

OnlyFans’ first logo was introduced in 2016. The old OnlyFans logo font was a two-part inscription, with the word “Only” in a simple sans-serif font and the word “Fans” in a custom cursive font. The sans-serif font used for “Only” was similar to fonts like Carmen Sans Ultra Light font by StudioJASO and Kinetika Light font by Kastelov. Please see the image below for proper understanding. You can also try these fonts in our font generator.

Onlyfans logo match font for the only word

The cursive font used for the word “Fans” is unique to the OnlyFans logo. But we also find fonts similar to the “Fans” word part of the logo. The font looks like the Thirtylane Script Regular font by Letterhend and the Simple Thread Italic font. For a better understanding, please refer to the image below. Our font generator also lets you try these fonts.

Onlyfans logo match for the word fans

The old logo also featured a small blue lock inside the circle of the letter “O.” This was a graphical representation of privacy and security, suggesting that users could safely share their content on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans New Logo Font

OnlyFans new logo 2021

In 2021, OnlyFans decided to refresh its logo. OnlyFans’ latest logo font is a simple yet bold sans-serif typeface. Unfortunately, the name of the OnlyFans logo font is unknown. However, there are free and commercial fonts available with similar styles.

It is similar to fonts like Gardenia ExtraBold by W Type Foundry and Fuse ExtraBold font. Below is an image that will help you better understand. You can also try these fonts with our font generator.

Onlyfans logo and similar fonts

OnlyFans’ updated logo font is designed to be versatile and readable in a variety of sizes. It is also meant to convey modernity and professionalism.

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Why did OnlyFans change their logo?

Ans: OnlyFans changed their logo in 2021 to reflect their evolving brand identity. The new logo is more modern and professional, and it better represents the diversity of content creators and fans on the platform.


The OnlyFans logo font and icon have been designed to create a modern, professional, and secure image for the platform. The old logo font was a two-part inscription with a simple sans-serif font and a custom cursive font. The new logo font is a simple yet bold sans-serif typeface.

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