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The Highway Gothic is an amazing sans-serif font. The Highway Gothic font was designed to make road signs and highway speeds easier to read. Previously, the font was called the FHWA Series fonts, or standard alphabets for highway signs. It is the most popular traffic font designed to be featured for road signage in the USA and many other countries. 

The massive use of this typeface made it a sensation all over the globe. You’ll see the typeface Highway Gothic at every stop or exit board. From the 1950s onward, it became the standard for highways. The California Department of Transportation developed the standard to develop a clearer and more flexible road sign. High-speed driving requires easy and quick reading. It was designed for this purpose. 

This font initially offered capital letters, but now it offers both uppercase and lowercase letters. Later, it came out with an improved version with a polished E. This typeface is the perfect mix of universality and individuality. 

It consists of six fonts, i.e., A, B, C, D, E, and E (M). It had some readability issues back then, but later it improved with the E font. There is just enough space for the middle arm of the “E” to go over the top of the “I.” That line would have been there if the arm of the “E” had stopped right on it.


Even though this font is made for road sign purposes. And countries like: Portugal, Argentia, China, Spain etc still use this font. Yet, this font is so versatile and diverse in its use. You can use it for everything from entertainment magazines, interiors, and vintage-themed branding projects. 

Designers had previously used it this way as well. If you want clean, clear letterforms, you’ll find the ebay use of this typeface. That’s why Highway Gothic has had its way since then. However, for highlighted texts this font is the most suitable one. Whether you’re in need of a basic typeface or want to use a more unique option, this typeface is a great option. 

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Highway Gothic Font character map
Highway Gothic Font
Highway Gothic Font family

Font information

NameHighway Gothic Font
DesignerMultiple designers
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFreeware, Non-Commercial

Font Family

  1. Highway Gothic
  2. Highway Gothic Condensed
  3. Highway Gothic Expanded
  4. Highway Gothic Narrow
  5. Highway Gothic Wide

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License Information

For commercial use of this font you must obtain the license by purchasing. However, you can use it free for personal projects.

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What kind of font is this?

Ans: The Highway Gothic is an amazing sans-serif font.

Who designed the font?

Ans: The Highway Gothic font was designed to make road signs and highway speeds easier to read. Research says, it was designed by Ash Pikachu, Ted Forbes.

Is it possible to download it for use on a PC or Mac?

Ans: Yes, you can safely download this font on your PC and MAC.

How can it be used most effectively?

Ans: On using it to highlight your text would be most effective outcome of this text.

What if I want to use this on an online platform?

Ans: This font can be used on any online platform with commercial license.

Is this font free to download and use?

Ans: Yes, for personal purpose using this font is free. However, for commercial usage you’ve to purchase the font.

Is this font compatible with the web?

Ans: To use the font as a web font, you must purchase it from the original license holder.

Are there any other free fonts like this?

Ans: As a free alternative, you could use “Incite.”

How can What is the easiest way to install the font on my device?

Note: No need to worry. Follow our instructions.

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