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For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the font, the Friends font is a replica of the font used in the iconic TV series “Friends.” This font was designed by Gabriel Weiss. He created this typeface before 2005 and released an updated version on December 2, 2008. This font is the result of his personal project. This font is made to authenticate the handwriting style in the classic sitcom “Friends.” A common misconception about the Gabriel Weiss Friends Font is that actor Seth Rogen created it.

It’s Based on a unique black inscription with six vibrant dots placed in the spaces between the letters. The six characters of the sitcom Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross are represented by the dots in the composition. Of course, the program that NBC, David Crane, and Marta Kauffman developed is the reason the font is well-known. But it also has some other appealing qualities.

The friend’s font’s primary characteristics are its clarity, uniqueness—especially with the dots—neutral colors, and consistency of patterns, colors, textures, and styles. It appears to have been handwritten. This font is simple to read and effectively conveys the content. This is crucial in the digital age since there are so many distractions around your audience.

The font is designed to be best suited for sentences that are typed with all capital letters. It has 141 defined characters and 136 unique glyphs. You will get all uppercase and lowercase letters with a few special characters in the font.

Note from the author:

GWFF is the result of a personal project. This font is free for personal use. For commercial use, please contact me with some information about the project. Contact information can be found in the readme.txt. If you enjoy using the font, please consider donating at


Anyone can download Friends Font for free and use it for as long as they like, at least for their own projects. The typeface’s handwriting and crayon-like appearance suggest that it is a pleasant font. Therefore, you can brand yourself, label cartoons, and compose content for Instagram using magazines. It is also a highly well-liked font, making it simple to locate and utilize on a variety of gadgets.

The TV show’s success was undoubtedly boosted by this, but the friend’s font also had a significant impact. Numerous factors, including those already mentioned, have contributed to this. In the future, you can be inspired by it to create new font ideas.

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If you want to download Gabriel Weiss’ Friends Font for free, then please hit the “Download Font” button below and enjoy your font. Remember, this font is only for personal use. For commercial purposes, please buy the font from the original license holder.

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License Information

Gabriel Weiss’ Friends font is only for personal use. For commercial use, you can send an email to the owner, You can download Gabriel Weiss’ Friends font for personal use from our website freely.


Can you tell me what this font is?

Ans: Gabriel Weiss’s Friends font is a handwriting font with 141 defined characters and 136 unique glyphs.

Who designed the font?

Ans: The font was designed by Gabriel Weiss.

Can I download this font and use it on my PC and MAC safely?

Ans: The font download is secure on your PC or MAC.

Are there any fonts like Gabriel Weiss’s Friends fonts in Google Fonts?

Ans: Yes, it has. In Google Fonts, Gloria Hallelujah is the closest similar alternative to this font.

What is the most effective way to use it?

Ans: As previously mentioned, this typeface is suitable for texting, tweeting, or posting on Facebook and Instagram.

Is it possible to use this on an online platform?

Ans: You are able to use the Gabriel Weiss’ Friends font on the online platform.

Is this font free?

Ans: It is a free font, but it can only be used for personal purposes. You must purchase a license if you want to use it for commercial purposes.

Is there a free, similar alternative to this font?

Ans: “Shelby Font” would be the best alternative.

I need to download this font on my device. Is it possible?

Ans: Yes, the font can be downloaded onto a mobile device, PC, Mac, or Linux computer.

Note: Are you having trouble installing the font on your PC or Mac? Don’t worry. Follow the instructions below.

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How to Install Custom Fonts on Your Mac

Additionally, you can learn more about typography and its classification.

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