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Edwardian Script Font, or Edwardian Script ITC, is a hand-drawn calligraphy typeface. Edward Benguiat, in 1994, designed and published this font for the International Typeface Corporation (ITC). Designer Edward Benguiat says it was drawn and redrawn until the connective elements of the letters were perfected to create the look of true handwriting.

Writing with a steel-pointed pen, an instrument known for its flexibility, heavily influenced its appearance. This pen produces contrasting strokes when pressure is applied, giving the font unique and delicate characteristics. It has 246 characters and 243 glyphs. It also supports Latin and Greek. ITC, aka International Typeface Corporation, holds the copyright to this font.

How Effective is the Font?

ITC Edwardian Script font is a beautiful typeface with convenient functionality. This font is highly readable and can adapt to anything. It suits wedding invitations, titles, banners, posters, and more. You can also use it for headlines, titles, and more. Its graceful and flowing curves, ornate swashes, and delicate loops will make your design stand out.

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About Edwardian Script Font Generator

Want to see how the Edwardian Script font looks in your text? Using our online tool, you can create custom text with the Edwardian Script font. Just enter your text, choose the font, and change the size, color, and background as you like. You can see how your text looks as you change it. You can also download both the text image and the font file.

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And Lastly

Edwardian Script font is a timeless calligraphy font. Whether you’re a designer, typographer, or simply someone who appreciates font beauty, the Edwardian Script is a must-have in your collection.

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