Brandon Printed Font

The Brandon Printed font family could be the most suitable choice if you are looking for an eroded font with a printed look. The font resembles text printed on paper in ink or pencil. It is a casual and playful font that adds personality to any design.

Brandon Printed Font Family

This article explores the features of this font, where to use it, and some similar fonts.

Font Features

Brandon Printed font is based on Brandon Grotesque typeface. It is a sans-serif typeface designed by Hannes von Döhren and released by HVD Fonts in 2014.

The Brandon Printed font letters have variations in thickness and width, and some edges are slightly rounded, giving the font a handmade, vintage feel. Letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols are all present. Several languages are supported, as well as ligatures and alternates.

Brandon Printed Font Features

Brandon Printed font comes in 7 styles: Regular, Italic, Shadow, Shadow Italic, Inline, Inline Shadow, and Double. The Shadow and Inline styles add a subtle shadow or outline to the letters, while the Double style overlaps the letters slightly. The font family also contains 95 extras like arrows, catchwords, stars, emblems, numbers, and lines.

Brandon Printed font basic characters

If you are interested in using the Brandon Printed font, you can download it for free for personal use from this website.


Brandon Printed is a versatile font that you can use for various purposes. These include logos, headlines, posters, flyers, invitations, labels, stickers, banners, cards, and more. It is suitable for any design that needs a handwritten or informal style. You can also use it to contrast with other more formal or elegant fonts.

Here are some examples of how the Brandon Printed font can be used:

  • A poster for a rock concert
  • The packaging for the latest product
  • The logo for a small business
  • A headline for a magazine article
  • A book title
Brandon Printed use example

You can download this font for free from us or purchase it from the designer at the links below.

Brandon Printed Font Generator

It’s easy to use our Font generator. Just type in your text, choose a font, and customize the size, color, and background. The preview or font file can be downloaded instantly after the changes have been made.

You can also purchase the commercial license from this website.

Font View

Brandon Printed Font Character map
Brandon Printed Font Symbols

Similar Fonts

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So, if you want a handmade, vintage font, Brandon Printed is an excellent option. It is versatile and adaptable and can be used for various purposes. It is a font that can make your projects look more personal and original with its creative and attractive design.

Also, you can try our other fonts we offer, including DisneyPlayboyMr Beast, and Comic Sans Font, if you would like to download other similar style fonts.


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