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Sometimes, a font gets more acknowledgement and appreciation when being used somewhere than being individual. In this article, we are going to discuss one such font, The Boys font.

The Boys font is a bit different from other straight fonts. It looks eroded, meaning damaged or exhausted. If you look closely, you will see tiniest holes in some of the glyphs of this font, as if they are pierced.

‘The Boys’ is not the original name of the typeface. Rather, it is Charlie Don’t Surf! font developed by junkohanhero. It was used in the logo of the American superhero OTT series The Boys. The series has become so popular that the font used here is known by the series’ name rather than its own name.

The makers of the TV series slightly modified the original CDS font. Thus, The Boys font became different from the Charlie Don’t Surf! Font. The font features all uppercase English letters. In addition, it includes numbers, special characters, and basic Latin characters. 

Common Usages 

As Charlie Don’t Surf! font was utilized by a TV show named The Boys, it is clear that you can use this font for any onscreen project. Along with that, you can use this not-so-stylish typeface in various creative projects. Let’s see where this typeface is applicable – 

  • Apps and software 
  • Banners 
  • Caps 
  • Collectibles
  • Documentaries 
  • End credits of TV shows 
  • Fancy cards 
  • Graphic designs 
  • Headlines 
  • Horror TV shows 
  • Mugs 
  • Mystery TV shows 
  • Posters 
  • PowerPoint presentations 
  • Sci-fi TV shows 
  • Stickers 
  • Social media posts 
  • Text-based design projects 
  • Thriller TV shows  
  • Titles, also title sequences  
  • T-shirts 
  • Website development 
  • Wrist bands 

Similar Fonts of The Boys Font 

There are a lot of fonts that are similar or alternative to The Boys/Charlie Don’t Surf! font. Here is a list of some similar fonts.

  • Acid Label font 
  • Action of the Time font 
  • Aglet Sans Black font 
  • Albatross font 
  • A Love of Thunder font 
  • Antique Type font 
  • Another Name For font 
  • Appleberry font 
  • AZ Postcard font 
  • AZ Postcard otf (400) font 
  • Break On Through font 
  • Burn Out, Fade Away font 
  • By The Way font 
  • Caver Pitalsal font 
  • Charcoal font 
  • Chopsee Softee Extra Bold font 
  • Conflict of Interest font 
  • CorpSansRd Black Cnd otf (900) font 
  • Cut the Crap font 
  • Cybrpnuk font  
  • Degrading Morals font 
  • Dharma Punk font 
  • Dirty Bag font 
  • Dirty Headline font 
  • ElectionTime font 
  • Good Choice font 
  • Gsubadaslowly font 
  • H2D2-Alevita Rough font 
  • Humectez La Mouture font 
  • Hypothetical Moon of Mercury font 
  • Jadefedga font 
  • Machauer font 
  • M Ponderosa font 
  • November Mornings font 
  • Ordeal eroded font 
  • Proxima Soft Condensed Extrabold font 
  • ReservoirGrunge font 
  • Slave Only Dreams To Be King font 
  • Snapz font 
  • Soul Mission font 
  • The Beautiful Ones font 
  • Under The Influence font 
  • Very Damaged font 
  • VTKS Carbo font 
  • VTKS Choice font 
  • Vtks HeavyDuty font 
  • Walk This Way font 
  • When It Rains font 


The Boys font is heavily bold, so it will match with lightweight fonts or fonts that are less bold than the The Boys typeface. Since The Boys is a straight font, you can match it with a straight, italic, or calligraphic font

Note that this font has thick black strokes in their characters, so you must use this font in large spaces. For instance, if you use the The Boys font in a website, put this font in the headline, not in the body text. 

Supported Languages 

The Boys font supports more than 30 languages, including English, Estonian, French, Finnish, Greek, German, Lithuanian, Swedish, Turkish, Zulu, and more. 


Surprisingly, The Boys font is applicable both in smartphones and computers with different operating systems. The designer of this typeface allows us to download and install it in Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. 

License Information 

This Junkohanhero typeface gives unlimited design freedom, but only in private fields. If you intend to use this typeface for business or commercial purpose, then you have to proceed legally. Please contact the original author to get this font, or buy this typeface from a trusted website.  

We are providing the free version of The Boys font in this write-up. Click here to download this font for free. 

The Boys Font at a Glance

Font name The Boys (originally Charlie Don’t Surf) 
Font family Sans Serif
Designed by Juha Korhonen (junkohanhero) 
Released by junkohanhero 
Release date June 2014 
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android 
Number of characters 653
Font style 1 (Regular)
Font weight Regular 
File type TTF 
Supported languages 30+ 
Similar fonts 47
License Free for personal use 


What is The Boys font? 

The Boys font is a font that was used in the poster of the American TV show named The Boys. The actual name of the font is Charlie Don’t Surf! 

Which font family does this font belong to? 

The font belongs to the Sans Serif font family. 

Who designed Charlie Don’t Surf! font? 

Junkohanhero designed the Charlie Don’t Surf! font. 

When was Charlie Don’t Surf! font released? 

Charlie Don’t Surf! font was released in June 2014. 

Is this font free to use? 

The Boys font is free only for private purposes. For commercial purposes, one has to buy it legally.

How many glyphs does this font have? 

The Boys font has 653 glyphs.

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