47 Thick and Heavy Fonts Built To Make a Huge Impact

Thick and heavy fonts are often serif fonts. However, Fonts are one of the most important design elements for any website. They can set the tone and mood for a site and help to communicate its message to visitors. There are many different types of fonts, each with its own unique personality and look. It can be hard to choose the right font for a project. 

So, even if you know your font you might not be sure which one to pick. To end your hassle we’ve made a list of 47 amazing thick and heavy fonts to shine up your design and leave an impact on the viewers. So without further adieu let’s scan through the list of thick and heavy fonts below:


BoldenVan Font

Alexatype foundry creates various cool fonts. Bolden van is one of the amazing fonts they made. The font has a childish vibe in it. The tight and chubby feel of this font gets pumped with the rounded corners. 


Sport Font

It is a clean and simple typeface. However, the font has modern styling and uniqueness that enables it as a right fit for the headline texts, highlight texts, or any other design that needs to capture attention with a plain typeface. 

The Lied Font

The Lied Font

The Lied font is a retro typeface in the line. Don’t get away with that. This font is in bold design and comes with extra glyphs. Additionally, it is available in both true type and open type including the web font formats. If you’re looking for a typeface to light up your kids this one fits.

Colombo Sans Font

Colombo Sans Font

It is a brand new sans serif font. Even though the font is roundish yet readable. The font fits in the display to give an easy read to the views, also suitable for cards, designs, and any design based projects.

Cheddar Gothic Font Family

Cheddar Gothic Font Family

A detailed aesthetic font. It comes in 8 different style packs including italics and stencil. All the other fonts in the line couldn’t stand at near the ratio of this font. The full family package offers both uppercase and lowercase that enables the designers to make the most out of this font to shine up their projects. 

Blitzen Deer

Blitzen Deer Font

The Blitzen Deer is a cute font. The dummy logo along with the font makes it more adorable. It is a fun bold font designed by Khurasan. You can easily use this font for stickers, chats, and many more.  


Rono Font

Designed by JC Design Studio, this new italic font has 2 weights: Black and Italic. The font is extra thick and bubbled up round in its look. The full pack has all the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Thicket Typeface

Thicket Typeface Font

Out of the pack this sans-serif font will give you normal spacing and large sizes. Also, extra glyphs and uppercase letters along with different versions of symbols as well. 

Cinder Heart

Cinder Heart Font

Even though this font looks like a horror titles’ font, don’t quick judge it. It is what you are looking for. This solid letter font has sans holes in A,D,Q, etc which creates a strong personality. Also you’ll get the alternates. However, with large scale use the roughness and blockiness of the font becomes more evident.

Prospekt Typeface

Prospekt Typeface Font

Prospekt typeface is a big bold sans-serif typeface. Ideal for using it on headlines or any place where you need to highlight something. It comes in a regular and rocky style. Along with uppercase letters it does have the multi lingual support. 


Crasus Font

Looking for an innovative, fresh, and very professional design? Look no further than the Crasus! This pick is perfect for creating flyers, websites, and posters. It has innovative lines and rounded edges that make a point. Plus, it’s very easy to use- so your work will stand out!

Brodaers Font Family

Brodaers Font Family Font

Brodaers font family is the right choice for slogan, group flyers, and posters. The font has smooth flexibility and good fit with any project. This display sans serif comes in four styles: regular, oblique, rough, and round. This is a very cool font in the thick and heavy fonts line.

Boldi Buddy

Boldi Buddy Font

It is a cartoon font only in uppercase letters. The fun and playful look of this font is everything. It catches the viewers with an innocent attention though the optimized thick levels, and tiny edges. 


Mixan Font

Mixan is a flat rounded color font. It could be classified as a sans-serif font. To awe your audience you can use this font. Also, you can use this font to get a new stylish look. Specially made for online chats and fun.


Blogh Font

Such a fat and quirky display font it is. Blogh font is a heavy-weight letterform that instantly adds personality and attitude to any text. This versatile typeface is perfect for headlines, apparel projects, store signages, and brand initiatives. With its chunky style, blogh font is perfect for adding a bit of edge to your text.

Hit and Run 

Hit and Run Font

Hit and run is a fun sans-serif font. It is clean and thick. The joyous and playful vibe of the font makes it an awesome choice for any designer. Because the font provides endless possibilities with designs.

Sleepy fat Cat

Sleepy fat Cat Font

The name sounds as adorable as the font is. Have you ever seen any fluffy fat cat? If you have, then you know how cute they are. So does this font. From children’s design projects to any fun themed project sleepy fat cat is the one you need. The font comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters. 

Sparhawk Complete Family 

Sparhawk Complete Family Font

This 3d layered display font hits with 340 alternatives and swashes with 8 layer styles. Additionally, it offers 200 extras and separate drawn 3D swashes. The font has a vintage look and retro vibe in it.  

Beauford Font

Beauford Font

A new vintage display typeface designed by Annenkov Dmitriy. It has wide ranges of features like 269 glyphs, 100 alternates, 34 final forms, 61 ligatures, 5 swash, and personal use areas. All the features are available in both true type and open type as well as web font. However, it supports only the English language. 


Authentico Font

Authentico is a retro display font. Design cuts present this amazing vintage typeface. It has a rough and dusty look. If you work with this font on a large scale then the textures of the font become more visible. Overall this font adds an extra layer to your design and gives it an aesthetic feel.

Microbrew Complete Family 

Microbrew Complete Family Font

A real versatile retro display font family. It is available in 14 different styles, including ornaments and banners. For in depth detailed works in big sizes this one is the suitable font as well as it is readable in tiny sizes. The font is in capital letters only. However, the font gets well mixed with any subject matter you choose.

Sandwich Font

Sandwich Font

This is one of the best 3D fonts from Design Cuts among the line of thick and heavy fonts. Sandwich is a great font for designers who want to give their text some dimension, whether it’s on logos, quote cards, posters, or anything else.


Plaquette Font

Another 3D font in 9 styles including 220 labels. This realtor typeface is three dimensional that’s why it gives the user much room to play and make the best out of it. 


Calasans Font

It is a 7 layered retro typeface. The attractive look of this font allures the designers to it. Very much suitable for any virtual projects from design to digital works. If you use it once you’ll never get out of it. 


Sequents Font

Another 3d layered sans-serif font. It has 6 layers, retro aura, smooth soothing look. For any themed projects, whether it is water or vintage, you’ll get the best out of this font. However, along with other features this font supports multi languages as well. 

Kontesa Display

Kontesa Display Font

It is a premium luxury font. An elegant typeface with amazing style along with modern design and aesthetic touch is more than words. Not only a beautiful font but also a versatile font. You can use this font for any highlighting purpose such a s headline, captions, paragraphs, etc.

The font comes with 9 styles: Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, and Black.

Hugo Font

Hugo Font

It is a sans-serif font. The handcrafted look of this font is plausible. From eye catching design to titles this font is going to be the ideal match with your projects. However, you can try this font for: greeting cards, posters, labels, book covers etc. 


Torch Font

Torch is a sans-serif font designed by Zone 6. It comes with 6 clean styles which gives you plenty of room to choose and play with the font. Not only that but also you’ll get numbers and punctuation and numbers as well as kerning to get the best out of this font. 


Pink Font

Designed by KA Design this font is only in uppercase. To have some fun you can use this font. The bold letters and thinness of the font will grab your attention and get you good. Don’t believe it? Try it!


Bjola Font

Come with open type features and multilingual support. The amazing font is designed by Andrey Sharonov. He made this sans-serif font which evokes a friendly mood and fun atmosphere. A right match for logos, cards, or labels. 

Stuffed Crust

Stuffed Crust Font

Thick and heavy fonts offer much more that they say. The font offers what it sounds like. It is stuffed with amazing features and crusted with cool effects and awesome vibe. First of all it is very easy to use. No other font offers this clean. 

It includes all the uppercase and lowercase numbers, with a wide range of language support. Well, Drew Melton designed this amazing font. Kudos!

Urby Basic Black

Urby Basic Black Font

Such a dynamic font by Jakob Runge. It is an active typeface. This sporty font could give you huge apertures on the characters without distortion. 

Integral CF

Integral CF Font

Integral CF is a new typeface designed for maximum visual and emotional impact. It offers six weights that excel in posters, social media, headlines, titling, large-format print, and anywhere else you want to be noticed.

Tide Sans

Tide Sans Font

The Tide Sans family includes beautiful italics and an equally affable condensed set. Tide Sans does the work for you by providing a ridiculously large stylistic alternates set, fine tuned small caps, and support for multiple languages. If you need a versatile typeface that will look great on any platform, look no further than the Tide Sans family.

Haus Extra Bold

Haus Extra Bold Font

It is a clean and simple sans-serif font. The main source of inspiration behind the typeface is Bauhaus which is another awesome font. Pier Francesco Martini of MARTINI  designed this font.


Margin Font

Margin is a retro serif font from Dharma studio. It is a chubby serif font with stylistic alternatives. With the 70s vibe this font gives a modern feel to the user. However, along with regular and italic versions you’ll get Letters, numbers, punctuation, multilingual support, alternate and ligature.


Frank Font

It is an awesome bold typeface. Now comes new and improved along with 5 weight, 20 fonts, and 4 styles in version 2.0.


Katro Font

Katro is a brush bold font. The handwritten look makes this font more amazing. Additionally, the grunge brush texture of this font is the spark of it. Suitable for branding, and any kind of logo based design. 


Dallas Font

It is a vintage font. If you are looking for a thick typeface, which is both minimalist and vintage, Dallas is the best way to go. This font family is perfect to make a statement through your designs.



It is an all caps serif. From logo designing to branding this bold font is an ideal choice. It is available in both open type and true type format.


Bullate Font

Bullate is a comic sans serif hand-drawn typeface. Build each character from a sketch while maintaining the hand-drawn aesthetic at every turn. Snack, storybook, comic book/cartoon/movie/visual concept inspired by the kid’s snack.


Krust Font

It is a script handwritten font with rich brush texture in it, it is written by Ieva Mezule, fashion designer and painter. With each letter having its own unique structure, the distorted look gives the font an interesting and different look. This typeface can be used for any design project that calls for a handwritten look, or for any project that needs a unique and memorable style. 


Cigra Font

A new display serif font which comes with ligature.Cigra is a hand-lettered bold font with a vast number of alternates and stylistic sets. Identitype Co. has designed one of the most elegant, hand-lettered bold fonts, to beautifully frame your upcoming designs.

With its subtlety and sophistication, Cigra can be used in a variety of different projects. Whether you need a simple, utilitarian font for your next project or something more ornate and unique, Cigra is perfect for you.


Quanty Font

Quanty is a popular monospace font that utilizes an amazing calligraphy style. Named after the quantum mechanics term for the smallest particles of matter, Quanty is perfect for any type of text. Its unique style makes it perfect for scientific or technical texts.

Be Bold

Be Bold Font

If you are looking for a bold display font that is available in both ttf and otf formats with easy and awesome features, then look no further than Be Bold! This font has all the uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as many other things, which makes it an ideal choice for any design project.


Bolde Font

Whether you’re looking for a font that’s formal and serious, or want something a little more contemporary and stylish, Bolde is a great option to consider. Bolde is one of a unique fonts, with modern touches. The package includes 5 all-caps fonts, and works great in numerous design categories. Bolde is perfect for headings and titles, as well as for creating an emphatic or dramatic effect.

Mighty Mountain

Mighty Mountain Font

Mighty Mountain is a hand-drawn font that comes with a bunch of interlocking and stacked characters. In programs that support Open Type features, Mighty Mountain can be used for logos, icons, and other graphical designs. 


These 47 thick and heavy fonts are designed to make a huge impact. Whether you’re looking to create a powerful statement or just need some new thick and heavy fonts for your blog, these will do the trick. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

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Thank you!