1989 Taylor’s Version Font

As the title of this post implies, you’re interested in the font used on the 1989 Taylor’s Version album logo.

1989 taylor version album

Here are all the details about 1989 Taylor’s Version font.

According to our research, the “1989” part is handwritten, but we found a similar typeface called Taytex font which is almost identical.

1989 Taytor Version font logo vs taytex font

Another typeface similar to the logo is Permanent marker font.

1989 Taylors Version Font vs Permanent Marker font

We will display the versus image for both font for your better understanding.

The font used for the “Taylor’s Version” part is also handwritten but there are some similar font too. For example, the Tinta Arabic Regular font designed by NamelaType and the Taytex Alt font created by FG Studios are examples of these fonts. Please check the image below for a comparison.

For the “Pre-order now” part we found out that Prestige Elite Std Bold is used in the album.

1989 Taytor Version font logo vs Prestige Elite Std font

1989 Taylor’s Version Font Generator

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