Copperplate Font

Copperplate font is a typeface designed by Frederic Goudy in 1902 and published by American Type Founders. It is a gothic serif typeface with simple capital letters and delicate serifs. It is a classic American typeface for business cards, bank windows, and high-quality mustard labels. In this article, we will explore the features, usage, generator, and alternatives of Copperplate font.

About The Font

Copperplate font is a serif font with a clean, readable, engraved feel. Frederic Goudy, an American artist and type designer, made it. It has no lowercase letters, only capitals with small serifs. It has a wide horizontal axis and a noble appearance.

Why Use Copperplate Font

Copperplate font has several unique features. Some of these features are:

  • Wedge classification: Copperplate font belongs to the wedge classification of typefaces, meaning it has wedge-shaped serifs thicker at the base and thinner at the tip. This gives the typeface a sturdy and refined look.
  • Narrow design: Copperplate font has a narrow design that allows it to fit in small spaces or long words. The typeface also has a high contrast between thick and thin strokes, which adds some tension and energy to the design.
  • Multiple languages support: Copperplate font supports Latin-based languages, as well as Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and Hangul scripts. This makes it an excellent choice for multilingual projects or global audiences.


You can use Copperplate font can for various purposes, such as:

  • Logos: It can create memorable and distinctive logos for brands or organizations. Its simple and elegant design conveys professionalism, confidence, and sophistication. For example, this font is used for American Express logo, a multinational financial services corporation.
  • Headlines: This font can create eye-catching and impactful headlines for websites, magazines, posters, or flyers. Its bold and narrow design attracts attention and communicates effectively.
  • Captions: This font can create concise and informative captions for images, charts, graphs, or tables. Its clean and legible design provides context and clarity to visual data.

Copperplate Font Generator

Copperplate font generator is an online tool that allows you to create text graphics with Copperplate font. You can use it to generate logos, headlines, captions, or any other text. You can customize the text with different colors, effects, sizes, and backgrounds.

Font View

Copperplate Font Character
Copperplate Font Symbols

Similar Fonts

If you like the Copperplate but want to try something different, you can check out these similar fonts:

  • Engravers Gothic: Robert Wiebking designed this typeface in 1899 and Bitstream published it. It is a gothic sans serif typeface with simple capital letters and no serifs. It is a classic American typeface used for engraving and printing purposes.
  • Trajan: This typeface was designed by Carol Twombly in 1989 and published by Adobe. It is a serif typeface that has elegant capital letters with triangular serifs.
  • Optima: Hermann Zapf designed Optima in 1958 and Linotype published it. It is a sans-serif typeface with subtle curves and flares at the ends of the strokes.


Copperplate font is a gothic serif typeface. It is a classic American typeface with simple capital letters and delicate serifs. So, give it a try now and add it to your font collection.

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