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About Roboto Font

Roboto, the regular sans-serif typeface is another mostly used fonts by the users. The structure is geometric with a mechanical skeleton form. The font is slim in outlook and with a big font family contains 28 styles. Roboto is also a neo-grotesque typeface contains Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black weights. You can download free Roboto font in zip format from here to use in various places.

The font family has huge language support. For the dual nature of the font, it is more friendly and suitable for most of the sections you want to use. Roboto Condensed font is also available with the family. The capability of natural look the font doesn’t compromise with letters and width. The designer Christian Robertson is so close to nature and his family and implemented his idea on this amazing font. Also, Roboto font in photoshop is a better option for Adobe Creative Cloud users.


With a big font family, Roboto covers most of the fields that you can use. For the designers, the font is so familiar with the design and styling.

  • Text: Roboto is basically a text font. The view of the font allows you with beautiful content and a smart look.
  • Cover Page: The font is beautiful for cover pages and heading fonts.
  • Design: For designing purposes, the font has a look and great potential. Designers found the font good for compatibility and variation.

Roboto Font Family View

License Information

Free Fonts Vault presents the Knockout font free version for your personal use only. Some of the styles are also free for commercial uses.

Font information

AuthorChristian Robertson
File FormatTTF
Font LicenceFree for personal use

Roboto Font Family

  1. Roboto Thin
  2. Roboto Thin Italic
  3. Roboto Light
  4. Roboto Light Italic
  5. Roboto Regular
  6. Roboto Italic
  7. Roboto Medium
  8. Roboto Medium Italic
  9. Roboto Bold
  10. Roboto Bold Italic
  11. Roboto Black
  12. Roboto Black Italic
  13. Roboto Condensed Light
  14. Roboto Condensed Light Italic
  15. Roboto Condensed Regular
  16. Roboto Condensed Italic
  17. Roboto Condensed Bold
  18. Roboto Condensed Bold Italic
  19. Roboto Mono Thin
  20. Roboto Mono Thin Italic
  21. Roboto Mono Light
  22. Roboto Mono Light Italic
  23. Roboto Mono Regular
  24. Roboto Mono Italic
  25. Roboto Mono Medium
  26. Roboto Mono Medium Italic
  27. Roboto Mono Bold
  28. Roboto Mono Bold Italic.

Language Support

Abkhaz, Afrikaans, Albanian, Alsatian, Aragonese, Arapaho, Aromanian, Arrernte, Asturian, Aymara, Azerbaijani (Cyrillic), Bashkir, Basque, Belarusian, Belarusian (Lacinka), Bislama, Bosnian, Breton, Bulgarian, Buryat (Cyrillic), Catalan, Cebuano, Chamorro, Chechen, Cheyenne, Chichewa (Nyanja), Chuvash, Cimbrian, Corsican, Croatian, Cyrillic, Czech, Danish, Dungan, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Evenki (Cyrillic), Faroese, Fijian, Finnish, French, French Creole (Saint Lucia), Frisian, Friulian, Galician, Genoese, German, Gilbertese (Kiribati), Greek, Greenlandic, Guarani, Haitian Creole, Hawaiian, Hiligaynon, Hill Mari, Hmong, Hopi, Hungarian, Ibanag, Icelandic, Iloko (Ilokano), Indonesian, Interglossa (Glosa), Interlingua, Irish (Gaelic), Istro-Romanian, Italian, Jèrriais, Kabardian, Kalmyk (Cyrillic), Karachay (Cyrillic), Kashubian, Kazakh (Cyrillic), Khakas, Khalkha, Khanty, Kildin Sami, Komi-Permyak, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Kyrgyz (Cyrillic), Ladin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Lojban, Lombard, Low Saxon, Luxembourgian, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay (Latinized), Maltese, Manx, Maori, Meadow Mari, Megleno-Romanian, Mohawk, Moldovan, Nahuatl, Nenets, Norfolk/Pitcairnese, Northern Sotho (Pedi), Norwegian, Occitan, Oromo, Ossetian, Pangasinan, Papiamento, Piedmontese, Polish, Portuguese, Potawatomi, Quechua, Rhaeto-Romance, Romansh (Rumantsch), Rotokas, Russian, Rusyn, Sami (Inari), Sami (Lule), Samoan, Sardinian (Sardu), Scots (Gaelic), Serbian (Cyrillic), Seychellois Creole (Seselwa), Shona, Sicilian, Slovak, Slovenian (Slovene), Somali, Southern Ndebele, Southern Sotho (Sesotho), Spanish, Swahili, Swati/Swazi, Swedish, Tagalog (Filipino/Pilipino), Tahitian, Tajik, Tatar (Cyrillic), Tausug, Tetum (Tetun), Tok Pisin, Tongan (Faka-Tonga), Tswana, Turkish, Turkmen, Turkmen (Cyrillic), Turkmen (Latinized), Tuvaluan, Tuvin, Udmurt, Ukrainian, Uyghur (Cyrillic), Uyghur (Latinized), Uzbek (Cyrillic), Veps, Vietnamese, Volapük, Votic (Cyrillic), Votic (Latinized), Walloon, Warlpiri, Welsh, Xhosa, Yakut/Sakha, Yapese, Zulu

Roboto Font Family Free Download

Download Roboto font free from the Free Fonts Vault. Click the ‘Download Font’ button below and all good.

Fonts FAQs

  • What type of font is Roboto?
    Ans: Roboto is a geometric sans-serif typeface with 28 styles. That means it is wonderful for text and designs perfectly.
  • Is Roboto font safe to download and use in My PC and MAC?
    Ans: For PC and MAC you can download Roboto font, no problem. It is safe.
  • Is there any font similar to Roboto in Google Fonts?
    Ans: Roboto is a Google font.
  • Is it ok to use this in an online platform?
    Ans: Roboto font family contains free and commercial fonts both for you. If you want to use all of them to use in an online platform, make sure you purchase them.
  • How to install the Roboto font in Computer?
    Ans: Click PC or Mac to install Roboto Font in your computer

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