Helios Antique Font

Helios Antique Font family is the result of a mix between the early sans serif style and the contemporary styles of our time. The rational design is bigger than the initial sans, creating more impact when it comes to its usage. The typeface terminals are more open to make it easier to contrast the blacks and whites in Helios and in the places where the strokes intersect the font has a greater contrast which makes it more legible to the user.

Additionally, in certain letters, you can notice some distinct elements, like”the leg” of “R” as well as the tail “Q” These are specific gestures that define the Helios family of letters. Helios Antique is composed of 37 styles with 782 glyphs as well as small caps. Additionally, it includes strong OpenType features for every style, such as alternate characters such as ligatures, fractions, special numbering, arrows extended language support, and others. Free Download is available for this amazing sans-serif font. Download Helios Antique font now.


If you are reading this, you are probably staring at a computer screen. Chances are, fonts of sans serif typeface are all you’ll find on the screen. This is because of their legibility for online reading, which is drastically different from that of serif typefaces. Sans serif fonts have simple lines and letterforms that make them perfect for on-screen reading but cause less eye fatigue than their counterparts. But, Helios Antique is much more versatile than that. Its more human-like appearance makes it suitable for application in fashion, culture and entertainment exhibitions, sports, and leisure. It’s a great choice for applications for finding your way as well as packaging, apps, as well as all types of non-fiction books.

Font View

Before we go any type of further, let’s check out the font’s styling and also exactly how it will show up in your tasks.

Helios Antique Font View
Helios Antique Font

Helios Antique Font Generator

License Information

Helios Antique font is completely free to use for personal purposes. For commercial purposes buy the font from the link below.


You can download the free version of this font from our site in zip format and use it in any software for any required projects.

Alternative Font Options

  • Catamaran Font.
  • Binggrae Font.
  • Regencie Font.
  • Yanone Kaffeesatz Font.


Is this a free font?

Helios Antique Font is totally free for personal use.

What’s the Closest Font to Helios Antique Font?

Catamaran Font is very close to Helios Antique Font.

How to Install Helios Antique in Adobe, Ms. Word, Mac, or PC?

Check here for installing font in Windows.
Check here for installing font in MACs.

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